Drew Barrymore uses this toy to stop toddler tantrums!

Drew Barrymore uses this toy to stop toddler tantrums!

Try it, it works!

Hollywood actress and mum Drew Barrymore is definitely no stranger when it comes to dealing with tantrums. We previously shared with you how she deals with tantrums in public.  Now, the amazing mum of two shares her secret toy-weapon to prevent tantrums before they even start!

A Simple Toy to Help Prevent Tantrums!

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Drew Barrymore and her two lovely daughters, Olive and Frankie.

The actress shares, “Summer toddler tip: Keep bubbles on hand. You cannot tantrum if you are breathing and you cannot blow bubbles without breathing. You can’t tantrum while smiling and you can’t catch bubbles without lots of smiles. Quick distraction to get back to calm.”

If you think about it, then it makes perfect sense! All mums and dads know just how much kids love playing with bubbles. Kids just love blowing bubbles and they also love chasing bubbles around.

Who knew that it would also be a great way to help calm your kid down during a tantrum? Kudos to Drew and her amazing mummy tips!

Other Amazing Tips to Prevent Tantrums!

Preventing tantrums isn’t easy. That’s because each kid has their own unique personality and what works for one kid might not always work for another.

But thankfully, there are a number of tips that parents can utilise in order to make sure their kids don’t have tantrums. Or at the very least, they can easily manage any outbursts.

Here’s some useful information:

  • Know what can trigger tantrums. Tantrums don’t simply happen; it takes something to trigger a tantrum. Once you know what triggers your child’s tantrums, then it’s much easier for you to prevent tantrums.
  • Keep calm. The last thing your child needs from you is for you to be angry. Do your best to stay calm so that you can have a clear mind and calm your child down. Nothing will happen if both you and your kid are angry or frustrated.
  • Talk to your toddler. Communication is the best way of dealing with tantrums. Ask your child why they’re acting out and try to listen to what they have to say. Kids have trouble communicating, and sometimes tantrums are their way of telling you something.
  • Keep your child well-rested. Tired kids are a ticking time bomb. Try to make sure your kids can take their afternoon naps, and avoid keeping them up late, or getting them too tired.
  • Distract your child. Fortunately, kids are easily distracted. Just like Drew’s tip with bubbles, you can use all sorts of toys to divert your child’s attention and keep them preoccupied.
  • Teach them to use their words. Kids aren’t exactly the best communicators, so it’s a good idea to teach them how they can best tell you what they want or need. It’s a good idea to let them know that talking, and not shouting or screaming, is the best way for them to get what they want. 


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