Preschooler's Milestones: Is He On Track?

Preschooler's Milestones: Is He On Track?

Kids grow up so fast, that sometimes we miss the important milestones. At times it is hard to know exactly when your child will reach these milestones and many first time parents get nervous when their child does not seem to be performing as well as other kids do. Find out what those milestones are.

Preschooler milestones are a basic guideline to help us develop a sense of when things should happen. Not all kids are the same and they may not meet the milestones as fast as others do, but do not worry they will get there.

Now when we refer to preschooler‘s, we are talking about kids between the ages of 2 and 5. And if you already have kids, then you know that they may or may not always be on track. Do not worry if you child seems to be a little behind, kids seem to have their own sense of timeline. But if the case arises where your child seems to be seriously behind on things, you may want to ask your doctor about it.

The terrible two’s

Preschooler's Milestones: Is He On Track?

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When your child reaches the age of two, there are some things that you may need to make sure they can achieve.  Most two-year-olds can speak a few words and can normally link words together. At this age they should be clear enough for you to understand them. Now since they are two you will notice them becoming more defiant, this is where the old saying “The terrible twos” comes from.

They are just becoming aware of their individuality and want to make sure they are heard. You will notice that they have some imaginary friends during this age as well. This is normal, a child needs to learn to use their imagination. You will also notice that your child is starting to try and climb things. So make sure you do not leave a ladder against the house, or the next thing you will see is your child trying to repair the roof.

Imaginative three-year-olds

Preschooler's Milestones: Is He On Track?

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Around age 3, you will notice your child starting to speak in full sentences. This is also the age your child will start to play dress up, many children at this age love to imitate what mommy or daddy is doing. In their mind they think they are grown up and they can do anything. They will learn to take turns with other children easier and be prepared for the “Why” stage. There is not a thing that your child will not ask why about. Whether it be ” why do I have to do that or why is the sky blue”. Everything will be put into a why question. They should be at the perfect age to start learning to ride a bicycle. They are very eager to learn when they are this young age and can normally pick things up pretty quickly.

Full of energy four’s


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Now at age 4, you will not be able to keep up with them. They will be wanting to explore everything and talking till they run out of breath. And that is a fact, not just an opinion. If you are on your first child, ask anyone who has a child at this age. Your child will become very independent at this age and should be able to make small decisions for themselves, such as picking out their own clothes or what they want to eat. They will even be able to write letters and stick people now, so watch out walls. Your only consolation at this point is one more year till they can start preschool.

Getting ready for school

Preschooler's Milestones: Is He On Track?

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Yeah, your child is five years old. They may be able to start school this year. You should check with the local school board to see if your child qualifies to start the new school year. Your child should be able to tell you their full name and address by now. They will also start having their own sense of style, which of course we may or may not agree with or like at all.

Just remember that you little person is getting bigger and do not worry if they do not always seem at the same level as other kids. They will get there on their own schedule and will be just fine. Children are a wonderful gift, just remember to take the time to notice their milestones and show them how proud you are of them.

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