Prepare Yourself for Parenthood with Mount Elizabeth Hospital Childbirth Education Programme

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Mums can learn all they need to know about pregnancy, child birth and caring for newborns by joining the Mount Elizabeth Hospital Childbirth Education Programme.

Having a baby is one of the most important life decisions that you as a woman will ever make.

During your pregnancy you can expect to go through various changes, both physically and emotionally. Understanding these changes will help you cope and allow you to better appreciate and enjoy this milestone period in your life.

Getting yourself ready for your new role as a parent comes next, from labour and childbirth to caring for your newborn. It may all seem quite overwhelming, but with the right help, you should not have a problem equipping yourself with the skills that you need to take on this very important job.

Mount Elizabeth Childbirth Education Classes

Congratulations on this exciting milestone in your life!

Childbirth Education Programme at Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Finding antenatal classes that suit you is the first step towards educating yourself on your pregnancy. No doubt, you will want nothing but the best for yourself and for your little one.

For an enriching, mother-centered programme, you can try Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Childbirth Education classes. This comprehensive prenatal programme has been developed to guide and prepare you for all the aspects of your pregnancy and early parenthood.

Mount Elizabeth Childbirth Education Classes

Antenatal classes help you and your partner learn more about your pregnancy

The programme is composed of interactive sessions in an environment that is mum-focused. Here, you can expect to receive personalized attention from the professionals. At the end of the course, you will not only gain valuable knowledge, but also an increased confidence in yourself as a new mum.

The best part about this programme is that it isn’t just for mum. Dads can benefit from taking these classes, too. In fact, it was designed for the couple to work together with the trainers in a personalized learning setting. After all, parenthood is about you and your partner.

Find out what you can learn when you join Mount Elizabeth Hospital Childbirth Education Programme on the next page.

Lessons in pregnancy

The first phase of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Childbirth Education Programme focuses on pregnancy and growing your healthy baby. You will be given practical advice on how you can adjust to the changes coming in the next nine months, including how to eat wisely to nourish your body for your growing baby.

The class also teaches you about pregnancy risks like high blood pressure and diabetes, and what effects these may have on your foetus.

Mount Elizabeth Childbirth Education Classes

While you are pregnant, it is important to choose what you eat and drink carefully

Learning about labour

To ensure a safe delivery, it is important that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of labour, and know when it’s time to go to the hospital. These are all part of what you learn when you sign up for Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Childbirth Education Programme.

You will be orientated on the nursing and medical procedures that mums undergo. Learn all about the stages of labour, from the start of your contractions to your water breaking.

Finally, various birthing options will be presented to help you decide which is best for you – a normal birth, assisted delivery or Caesarean Section.

Dads are involved in the labour process, too. His role as an indispensable birthing partner is enhanced through lessons in pain management and keeping mum comfortable through prenatal breathing exercises and massage.

Mount Elizabeth Childbirth Education Classes

Dads are involved in the labour experience, too.

All you need to know about newborn care

Important topics that cover what to do when your baby is born are taught in the last stretch of the Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Childbirth Education Programme. Here you will learn to care for your newborn and yourself.

You will be shown the normal characteristics and behaviours that you should be aware of on your baby, such as soft spots in his head, rashes and fine hairs on his skin. You will need to remain strong and alert as a new parent, so this programme will also give you helpful strategies on how to cope with fatigue.

Breastfeeding and latching will also be discussed to help you give sufficient nutrition to your little one. Helpful topics like feeding positions and latching techniques, and preventing sore nipples and breast engorgement, are also discussed.

You may want to continue breastfeeding even after you go back to work, so the consultation with the hospital’s lactation consultant will include tips for this, as well as breastmilk storage. You are sure to learn more than just the basics when you sign up for this comprehensive Childbirth Education Programme.

Mount Elizabeth Childbirth Education Classes

Yoga and meditation help you get through the uncomfortable moments of pregnancy

Finally, to complete the experience of wellness, yoga and prenatal breathing exercises are taught to mums to help you cope with uncomfortable moments during your nine month pregnancy.

If you would like to learn more about the Mount Elizabeth Hospital’s Childbirth Education Programme, and to register for the sessions, please contact the Parent Craft Coordinator Ms Loh Lee Lian at (65) 6731-2313, or email [email protected].

For more information about the maternity ward services at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and to book a maternity tour, please call (+65) 6731 2000 or visit A virtual tour of the rooms is available at here.

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