'Pregnant Man' Welcomes Baby No. 3!

'Pregnant Man' Welcomes Baby No. 3!

Thomas Beatie - who the media has labeled as the 'pregnant man' - and his wife Nancy have welcomed their third child!

A source close to the family reveals that it's another boy for the Beaties:

“He’s got light brown hair and blue eyes. He’s very handsome and adorable, and he’s big and healthy,” revealed the source, who added that Beatie was only in the hospital on Sunday, July 25 for 24 hours before he was discharged.

The baby came so quickly, Thomas almost didn't make it to the hospital. “It was a very quick labor. He nearly didn’t make it to the hospital and almost had him in the car!” the source revealed.

Thomas and Nancy are already parents to daughter Susan, 2, and son Austin, 1.

Thomas, 35, was born a woman and had his breasts surgically removed. He legally changed his gender from female to male. Thomas said that he retained his female sex organs because he intended one day to get pregnant. Nancy, 46, is unable to have children because of a hysterectomy.

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