Mum delighted over her teen's pregnancy

Mum delighted over her teen's pregnancy

How would you react if your 15 year old daughter came home pregnant? This mum had a very surprising response!

Mum delighted over her teen's pregnancyWould you be angry and upset, or help your daughter by supporting her thorough her teenage pregnancy? There is a mother in England, who is simply delighted at the news of her 15-year-old’s pregnancy.

The reason for her delight? She will be able to approach the government for a bigger apartment upon the delivery of her granddaughter. Currently, with a total of 7 people living in their 3-bedroom place, overcrowding has been a serious problem.

This case has made many mothers in England upset, and they have slammed Janis, a 48-year-old single mother, for her full support of her daughter, Soya’s, teenage pregnancy.  The father is believed to be a 17-year old boyfriend who was allowed to stay overnight.

Soya is not a new victim to such controversy. When she turned 7, she was allowed to frequent discos, often dressed in sporting revealing tops, short skirts and wearing make up. By 12, she started playing the kissing game with her friends, with the aim of having kissed the most boys on a night out in disco. Ms Janis dismisses it as a harmless prank, for which she has come under some serious flak as well. She does however accept that Soya was immature, but completely trusts her daughter at all times.

Soya’s Facebook account has recently been flooded with lewd comments, but she has taken it in her stride, responding to her critics saying she doesn’t understand the huge fuss, and that age should not be an issue in any relationship, as long as there is love for each other. Spoken like a mature kid, or maybe not.


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