Pregnant Chrissy Teigen gets back at haters in the best way ever

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen gets back at haters in the best way ever

Pregnant celebrity model Chrissy Teigen gets back at haters over social media in the most hilarious way ever!

When pregnant model and celebrity Chrissy Teigen posted what she was eating to satisfy her midnight cravings- a colourful bowl of "Cap n Pebbles" cereal, she was hoping to connect with the real women out there who might have had equally unhealthy late-nights snacks. But she was taken aback by the backlash she received instead.

People responded by telling her not to eat that "dyed crap", not to feed the baby with "inorganic stuff" and "its beyond bad for the baby". That's when she took to twitter and responded brilliantly, maybe on behalf of all the real to-be-mums out there.

She tweeted:;

She continued her hilarious rant on social media by admitting she's even been eating tuna (OMG!) and other "over-dyed" stuff. She also intends to  "try to dye" her tuna!

The model who struggled with conceiving, didn't end it there...

"Then I'm gonna f-cking take the trapeze class I've been meaning to take. Then maybe do a three-legged race, then probably rent sumo suits and battle strangers. Then a nice cigar in the hot tub. Oh today will be a delight indeed."

Sure Chrissy, go right ahead and do all that you want to do but please oh please, do keep your baby's and your health in mind.

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