Pregnancy Concerns: Hemorrhoids AKA Piles

Pregnancy Concerns: Hemorrhoids AKA Piles

Hemorrhoids are painful and not exactly something sexy to talk about with the partner...

Hemorrhoids are ruptured blood vessels that become enlarged due to pressure. The veins located right below the rectum in the anal region are especially susceptible to hemorrhoids because they are close to the skin and sustain a lot of pressure on daily basis.

Hemorrhoids are usually small (the size of a pearl) but may increase in size (cherry tomato) when the tissues around them begin to loosen up. When a woman is pregnant, the pressure in the rectum region changes frequently because of the growing fetus. When a woman is in labor, the pressure is really intense and could cause hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are characterized by itching, bleeding, severe pain and the inflammation of the veins. If the hemorrhoids in the lower anal region begin to protrude through the anal sphincter, it may cause a complication.

Hemorrhoids can be treated using topical applications and creams that combat inflammation. You can also soak your bum in a warm tub a couple of times a day. Do also make sure to only use plain white unscented toilet paper and if possible gentle and moisturizing baby wipes. If the hemorrhoids are bleeding, surgical clipping may be required.

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