Warning: Don't click on this link. You may end up going crazy too!

Warning: Don't click on this link. You may end up going crazy too!

This brain worm is driving the world crazy!

When I first heard the #PPAP (Pen-pineapple-apple-pen), I did not give it much thought. However, the song kept on playing at the back of mind, and by the end of the day, it was driving me insane!

No wonder it is called as an earworm or a brain worm: a piece of music that keeps on playing in a loop in your mind long after it has been played! The singer, (is it a song, though?), Piko Taro, a fictional character played by Japanese comedian Kazuhiko Kosaka. It was uploaded in August but went viral when it was posted on Social Media by a well-known parody site a few days back. I don't know if is the ludicrous leopard print, the video game music or the nonsensical lyrics, it just cannot be paused!

Like the Nyan cat, or even dubstep, people are going crazy, uploading their own versions of this ear worm. #PPAP has been trending a lot the last three days, and this has even been featured on CBS Sunday Morning in the USA. Turns out, even Justin Bieber is a fan of the pineapple pen!

This is how the world is miming #PPAP.

#PPAP Singapore

People are reporting that this has become a rage in Singapore. Young and adults alike are seen listening to this on MRT. A few are even using this as a ringtone!

Read on for more versions!

#PPAP Indonesia

These women from Indonesia are rocking the brain worm! I like their swag!

#PPAP Thailand

These teachers teach compound words to the beats of PPAP!

#PPAP Philippines

Pinoy celebrities Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards try their hand at PPAP!

Read on for more versions!

#PPAP Malaysia

Youtubers are going crazy trying out props!

#PPAP Japan

Twin youtube sensations Rica and Rico try their hand at PPAP

#PPAP India

Read on for more versions!

This synchronised college version is hilarious!

#PPAP Germany

This German translation just sounds so original!

So, are you going to make your own version? Tell us in comments below.

(Images and videos, courtesy: Youtube)

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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