Potty training tips: coping with accidents

Potty training tips: coping with accidents

Potty training accidents are a common concern many parents have when dealing with children. Check out some tested tips that will help in coping with accidents and transitioning smoothly into this new stage of your child's life.

Potty training tips: coping with accidents

Use these potty training tips to cope with accidents

Many parents have seen the beautiful sight of their child running down the hall triumphantly yelling, “I did it! I ‘made’ potty!” And in that moment, parents feel as if maybe the stars are finally aligning. But all of this comes to a sudden end when it occurs to them that their child has in fact soiled his/her pants.

This scenario may sound familiar, and is one of the many situations that a parent deals with when potty training their child. Although this can lead to a lot of frustration, we have tested potty training tips that will make this experience smoother for you and your child.

Is my toddler ready to be potty trained?

An important factor to consider when potty training is that sometimes a child isn’t ready to learn even though the parent feels it is the right time. This can cause some unnecessary friction. Make sure your child shows signs of readiness to move on to the next stage. Having predictable timings to use the bathroom, showing interest in bathroom habits, unhappiness with wet diapers, and the ability to follow instructions and communicate are some of the positive signs that indicate your toddler is ready to be potty trained. However, keep in mind all kids are different and some may need more time than others.

Understanding why accidents happen

Children are still in a relatively early stage of development when it comes to understanding complex tasks such as using the bathroom. As the adult, it is important to recognize that it is unlikely that your child is having accidents to spite you or get a rise out of you. Children have a tendency to become very focused and engaged when it comes to playtime.

It is common for a child to lose sight of physical needs when interacting with other kids, watching television, or playing outdoors. Accidents can also happen because a child cannot properly convey their feelings in words, since they are at such a tender age.

How to react when accidents happen

It is natural to feel frustrated or overwhelmed when your child is constantly having potty training accidents, whether it’s wetting the bed during the night or a slip-up during the day. It is imperative to remain calm since the child is most likely already feeling ashamed and disturbed.

Talking, walking and eating are all tasks that required your child time to understand and learn. Similarly, potty training will take its own course with a lot of trial and error, but more importantly, it requires the parents to be patient and encouraging. Situations like this can really negatively impact a child’s self-esteem for years to come. Yelling or showing disapproval will only scare the child from attempting to progress further while also distancing them from you.

Potty training tips on overcoming accidents as a team

Accidents are a normal part of learning any new skill. If your child soils his/her pants during the potty training period, then very subtly and quietly change their wet clothes and resume with daily life. And when you notice that your child has been successful using the potty, make sure to show excitement by clapping or cheering them on. Also, make sure to always watch out for any signs of restlessness that may indicate your child needs to use the bathroom. This way you work together as a team to help avoid future accidental situations.

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