Postpartum hair loss: What causes it and 5 ways to deal with it

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Don't worry, you're not going bald!

When talking about pregnancy and everything that comes with it, people talk about mood swings, stretch marks, the nausea, and so forth. But not a lot of people talk about one particular thing that comes after giving birth: postpartum hair loss.

One theAsianparent Community user, alarmed at the rate she was losing hair after giving birth, turned to the community for help.

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The community’s response was one of reassurance and understanding: postpartum hair loss is totally normal.

Hormonal changes cause postpartum hair loss

“This is just a phase as your hormones try to regulate back to pre-pregnancy,” Aki K. wrote. “It will be over soon.”

Medical experts agree with Aki: our estrogen levels decline after giving birth, causing hair loss. “This usually starts the third or fourth postpartum and ends by six months,” Dr. Joanne Stone tells Parents. “This temporary hair loss doesn’t mean you’re deficient in nutrition or vitamins, says Dr. Stone. It’s simply hormonal.”

On the next page: how to deal with postpartum hair loss.

If you’re worried about how your thinning hair looks, Parents recommends doing these things to to deal with this temporary hair loss:

1. Make your hair look fuller with volumizing products and texture

Hair thickeners or mousse can make your hair look fuller, so you can see if these work for you. Now is also a good time to embrace your curls, if your hair’s naturally curly or wavy. If you have straight hair, try adding texture with rollers or a curling iron.

2. Get a haircut

According to BabyCenter, postpartum hair loss is more noticeable if you have longer hair. “You can have a hair cut or style your hair so that the bald spots won’t be too obvious,” wrote Ester E. on theAsianparent Community.

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3. Dye your hair

Dark-haired moms can lighten their locks to camouflage their receding hairline. (There hasn’t been a lot of research done on the effects of using hair dye while breastfeeding, but according to NHS, it’s “very unlikely” that the chemicals in hair dye will enter your bloodstream and your breast milk.)

4. Part your hair another way

Changing the way you part your hair is an effective way to hide postpartum hair loss.

5. Accessorize

Try wearing scarves, headbands, hats, and so forth. This is a quick and easy way to hide thinning hair, and you’ve got tons of options at your disposal.

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