Postnatal Hair Loss: Tips to Restore Your Luscious Locks

Postnatal Hair Loss: Tips to Restore Your Luscious Locks

Postnatal hair loss is extremely common. Around 50% of women experience this at some point after they have given birth which could happen any time in the 5 months after they’ve given birth.

However, it has been recorded that the third month has been the time that most women see this loss occur.

As mentioned in our previous article“This usually starts the third or fourth postpartum and ends by six months,” Dr Joanne Stone tells Parents. “This temporary hair loss doesn’t mean you’re deficient in nutrition or vitamins, says Dr Stone. It’s simply hormonal.”

Why, why, why?

Postnatal hair loss is not to be blamed on anything but hormones, or rather estrogen, that is playing hooky inside and can cause the hair to fall out!

Try some of the ways below to restore your luscious locks:

postnatal hair loss

  • Do keep your hair loosely tied; avoid pigtails, braids and other ‘tight-tying’ styles (Hair thickeners or mousse can make your hair look fuller, so you can see if these work for you. Now is also a good time to embrace your curls, if your hair’s naturally curly or wavy. If you have straight hair, try adding texture with rollers or curling iron.)
  • Do keep your hair at a manageable length.
  • Do rub essential oils into your scalp that will also act as a relaxant to the stress you may be facing.
  • Do take nutritional supplements (Following a well-balanced diet should give you most of the nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy).

Not to worry though, as it appeared it will disappear. The effects of this postnatal hair loss will be, obviously, the sight of thinning hair.

But many women have noticed that the hair loss will eventually stop within a month. As with postpartum stress, the way to combat postnatal hair loss would be to maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep and also try to distract yourself.

Fussing and worrying over this temporary potential baldness will just increase your postpartum stress and perhaps even drag you into the postpartum depression pool!

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Sandra Ong

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