What happens when we say "No Facebook, No Instagram, No Whatsapp..."

What happens when we say "No Facebook, No Instagram, No Whatsapp..."

Here's a clever, little poem about the benefits of being gadget free. Look in your children's eyes and enjoy life!

Do you feel like you’re always glued to your smartphone? Research actually says that digital screens are addicting as heroin for children. But it seems like everyone, even us moms, are scrolling up and down endlessly on their screens, addicted and never gadget free.

Here’s a clever, little poem about setting aside our gadgets and focusing on what really matters – our relationship with our spouses and children.


 And I didn't carry my mobile with me...because the battery was flat!

When I visited McDonalds with my daughter after many days at last...

No Facebook, No Instagram, No WhatsApp...It was so nice to maintain eye contact!

I saw her big smile, her bunny teeth...She was looking like a Cat!

She spoke nonstop about her friends, her school...Those little big chats!

Am I missing this innocent fun, genuine love for being on the digital atlas???

Need to ponder, need to think...need to reconnect with my Cute Brat!

Kids don't remain kids for long... Time is flying away so fast...


All other things can wait; heart must have only Family Impact!

Let’s ditch the gadgets, Let’s take out that picnic mat...


This poem found its way spontaneously after attending Prudential's Panel Discussion on Relationship Index in Singapore.

One of the Eminent Panellists was theAsianparent's Roshni Mahtani

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