Pneumococcal vaccine in Singapore

Pneumococcal vaccine in Singapore

Hi, I would like to know the side effect of pneumococcal vaccine for my kids.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumoccocal vaccine Singapore

Question from a reader about Pneumococcal Vaccine:

Hi, I would like to know the side effect of Pneumococcal Vaccine for my kids.

Answer from our Facebook fanpage:

Natalia Yusoff: My son wen for it ... He had slight fever but everything else was ok;)

Himani Ishar Sindhwani: I gave it to both my side effects..

Melissa Henry: My daughter took the jab..all side effects..mild crankiness but i tink most babies will fuss after whatever kind of jabs. : )

TheAsianParent: According to Dr Ang Ai Tin - Any medicine, including a vaccine, could possibly cause severe allergic reaction and other health problems. However, the risk of any vaccine causing serious harm or death is extremely small. In studies, most reactions after vaccination with pneumococcal conjugate vaccine were mild.

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