PM Lee shares our Super Kancheong Style video

PM Lee shares our Super Kancheong Style video

The Asian Parent’s Super Kan Cheong Singaporean parody of Gangnam style has come to the attention of PM Lee -- check out what he has to say about it!

PM Lee shares our Super Kancheong Style videoWhen PM Lee likes Super Kan Cheong Style, it is certainly a big hit! The Singaporean spoof of internet viral sensation Gangnam Style, by South Korean rapper Psy, has caught the eye of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

PM Lee shared the video with followers on his Facebook page, which was produced for Children’s Day by Tickled Media, on his Facebook page on Thursday evening, saying that he “enjoyed” it.

PM Lee shares our Super Kancheong Style video

Lee Hsien Loong shares the Super Kan Cheong Style video on his Facebook page

He also said that it was a, “timely reminder to parents not to be so ‘kancheong’ and to let our kids have their childhood”.

‘Kancheong’ is a Cantonese for “anxious” or “panicky”. PM Lee had previously mentioned that children should enjoy their childhood in his National Day Rally speech in August. He had also urged parents not to be overzealous about preparing their children for Primary 1.

Here’s what some of our parents have to say about the video:

Pauline Zhou: Hahaha! This is so funny! Happy Children’s Day.

Aik Cheng Phua: Although I am already sick of the gangnam craze, I still find this quite entertaining. Well done. Happy Children’ Day!

Loh Ricky: Who says SG got no creative people?

Emily Chung: Singapore has a FAB future with great children like that!

Hani Campbell: My lil lauren watched this last night & keep calling her sisters when they appeared on the screen plus watching over & over again….

Happy Parent: Kudos to the kids and parents for being so sporting!

Anna Yap: Thumbs up to the team, the MV was Fun and cute.

Petrina Tan: Loooooove it! So true of SG life but hilariously told. And such talented kids!


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Felicia Chin

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