Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii: Which one should you buy for your kids?

Playstation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii: Which one should you buy for your kids?

Wii games for kids

There are three seventh-generation video gaming consoles that are available in the market today. They all have great features that will truly make your gaming experience a sure delight. To help you decide on which one is the perfect gaming console to buy for your kids, I have listed some basic information about each one.

Sony Playstation 3

"It Only Does Everything"

Cost: starting at S$ 465

Dimension: 13 inches X 11 inches X 4 inches

Distinct features:

- PlayStation Network - a unified online gaming service provided by Sony

- Blu-ray 2.0-compliant player

Basic Features:

-Blu-ray disc drive for video games, movies, DVDs, CDs and other optical media

-Bluetooth, USB drive and Wi-Fi networking capability

Other features and accessories:

- Photo Gallery that allows users to view and organize photos using the PS3

- VidZone that can be used for downloading music videos from the Internet

- Life With Playstation features a 3-D globe that provides users with news and weather updates

- Dual Shock 3 controller that can sense 3-D orientation and acceleration. But users can opt for a lighter version of the PS3 wireless controllers

- PlayStation Eye is a USB webcam that is especially designed for PS3

- Play TV is a twin-channel DVD-T tuner that can record digital video images

- PS3 Wireless Bluetooth Headset that features a mute button, volume level and button level. It lets users have high quality chats

- Wireless Keypad that can be connected to the console using Bluetooth and used for messaging during games

Buy this if you have:

- Teenagers who are very serious gamers

- Kids who are online gamers

Microsoft Xbox 360

"Life is Short. Play More..."

Cost: starting at S$ 499

Dimension: 309mm X 258mm X 83mm

Distinct feature:

- Xbox Live allows users to compete online and download games, videos and movies from the Internet and buy games from the Xbox Live Arcade

Basic Features:

- Comes in two variants: PS3 Elite (120GB Hard drive with controller and headset) and PS3 Arcade (256 MB memory chip with wireless controller, composite AV cable and HDMI 1.2 output)

- Windows Media Center capabilities

- High definition for games, videos, movies and downloads

- Capable of streaming media from uShare and MythTV

- Users can receive games from the XNA Community

- Playing experience can be enhanced by digitized Avatars that can be used for various games

- Users can choose from various screen themes to suit their moods

Buy this if you have:

- Primary kids and teens who are online gamers

- Primary kids and teens who hard core gamers

Nintendo Wii

"Wii Move You"

Cost: starting at S$ 550

Dimension: 8.5 inches X 6 inches X 1.95 inches

Distinct features:

- Wii Remote or “Wiimote” – a pointing device and a 3-D motion sensor which allows users to interact and control content on the screen

- Nunchuk is a controller attachment that provides a three-axis acceleromotor for motion sensing and tilting

Basic Features and Information:

- Players can customize their Wii characters and use them to play the Wii games

- Nintendo Wi-fi Connection allows users to play online with other Wii users or surf the internet using the Wii Remote

- Self-generated wireless LAN lets several players connect using multiple television sets even when offline

- Has six primary channels – Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel, and News Channel. Additional channels like Everybody Votes Channel, Internet Channel and Nintendo Channel can be downloaded from the Internet

- Wii games are supplied on Wii optical discs that are similar to DVDs. Other games are available through the WiiWare section of the Wii Shop Channel

- The Wii Remote comes with a wrist strap that keeps this piece of equipment tightly in place

- “Parental control” feature lets you prohibit your kids from playing games that are not suitable for their age level

- Requires adequate "gaming space"

- Even those who aren’t really keen about playing video games will enjoy playing some of the Wii games

Buy this if you have:

-Kids who love physical stimulation

- Kids who are just casual gamers

- Very young players who are just learning how to play video games






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