Study: Cuddling Feels So Much Better Than Sex Itself

Study: Cuddling Feels So Much Better Than Sex Itself

Are you happier having sex or in the time spent embracing in each other's arms after sexy time?

It’s common knowledge that having sex is fulfilling and is key to a long-lasting marriage, not to mention the health benefits, like lowering the risk of dementia. It’s why we try to find out how to last longer in bed or try to keep it as interesting as possible through different positions or using toys

However, sex isn’t the only thing that keeps the feel-good factor in your relationship going.

Research has shown that affection is the missing link between sex and life satisfaction. This means that cuddling after sex makes you happier than the deed itself!

Physical affection in a relationship leads to greater happiness than just sex itself

Physical Affection In A Relationship

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The study was carried out between the University of Toronto and the University of Freiberg. 

Researchers carried out four different studies. Hundreds of parents from different ethnicities were surveyed as part of the sample pool.

Parents reported in the first experiment that they had higher life satisfaction when they had more sex and affectionate touching. The second study further revealed parents who had sex more frequently had more positive emotions.

Physical Affection In A Relationship

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Studies three and four showed that people who were more physically affectionate were happier than couples who just had sex. This included hugging, kissing, or cuddling.

While we might not always be in the right mood, these results show that a bit of affectionate touching can really brighten up your spouse’s day. Sex is important, but so is your feeling of fulfilment in the marriage! 

It goes to show that physical affection in a relationship leads to you feeling happier, both before and after sex!

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Vinnie Wong

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