Philips AVENT's first redesign of its bottles in 28 years

Philips AVENT's first redesign of its bottles in 28 years

Philips AVENT launched the latest Natural range of bottles and Comfort range of breast pumps, marking a milestone for the brand in its commitment and continuous innovation to provide mothers and babies solutions that give little ones the best start in life.

Phillips AVENT's new range of bottles and breast milk pumps

Phillips AVENT’s new range of bottles and breast milk pumps

The new Natural range of bottles features the first redesign of the milk bottle since the AVENT brand first revolutionized bottle feeding 28 years ago, with a new ergonomic shape that provides extra comfort, easy hold and better grip in any direction for a baby’s tiny hands.

The Philips AVENT Natural range of milk bottles is designed to be as close as possible to nature. Its breast-shaped teat provides babies with
the closest match to breastfeeding, promising an almost instant latch- on and high teat acceptance that makes baby feeding much easier.

Unique comfort petals in the new Natural bottles’ soft silicone teat increase flexibility and stretch of the teat, preventing teat-collapse for
a smooth, natural and uninterrupted feed. To make the bottle feeding experience closer to mum’s breast, the new, advanced anti-colic Natural bottle not only prevents leaks, but also reduces discomfort for baby by venting air back into the bottle, rather than into the baby’s tummy through two high-performance valves. Bottles in the Natural range are clinically proven to reduce colic.

With the importance of comfort to a breastfeeding mother in mind, the Philips AVENT Comfort range of breast pumps is the only breast pump
that allows mothers to express milk in a comfortable, reclined position, instead of leaning forward. This prevents backache, aids relaxation and
encourages easier milk flow.

Its innovative active massage cushion feels warm and natural on the breast, as its soft silicone petals gently massage the breast to stimulate the let-down reflex, encouraging milk flow and supply.

Philips AVENT developed the new Comfort range of breast pumps to ensure that mothers are as comfortable as possible when expressing milk, allowing for a longer expressing time and hence a greater supply of milk.

Products in the Natural and Comfort ranges were developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to ensure the highest mother and childcare standards and created to make it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding, giving mothers more flexibility in feeding their


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