Personalized music and video

Personalized music and video

Music makes exactly what you want, when you want it!

Personalized music and videos

Personalized music and videos

Here you will find our entire catalogue of personalized CDs and DVDs, and you can type in your child’s name and listen to and watch previews of the products.

Our personalized CDs include the name of the child in the songs, and our personalized DVDs include the name throughout the video. Our photo-personalized DVDs incorporate a photo of the child onto a character in the video.

Our pride is producing quality-personalized products that will remain timeless. These products deliver enjoyment, encouragement, and enlightenment. The Product combines the talents of the best professional writers, musicians, vocalists, and studio engineers to achieve the outstanding results expected in a personalized product. The library contains more than 2000 names with the capability of generating one with unique spelling or pronunciation.

In the meantime, please browse through my Music Cottage for personalized CDs and DVDs. These creative and quality products are the best gifts for your little darlings. Because when your darling is happy, you are happy too. Enjoy the process of creating a perfect unique gift for your little prince or princess!

Our audio collection emphasizes educational, sport, holiday, and religious themes.

Feature Music

Lullaby, nursery rhymes, birthday songs, this series is suitable for baby showers, birthday celebrations, or just simply something to make them happy.

You are my Angel

8 original and classic lullabies with skilfully arranged music and creative instrumentation that will live in the child’s memories as they peacefully drift to sleep. The child’s name is used 35 times.Hip Hip Hooray Its your Birthday!

7 fun-filled original birthday songs personalized to celebrate that special day, a gift of recognition that will remain a treasured childhood memory. The child’s name is used 58 times.

Religious Music

For a spiritual touch, educate the child with amazing religious music.


For the sporty side of your child, join in the fun during the EPL season!!

Photo Video

Sure to make your child smile with excitement as they see themselves in the video with their favourite characters, such as Barney, Dora & Diego, Precious Moments and many more.

Dora: Whose Birthday is it?

Your child joins Dora the Explorer and her friends on a journey to discover who’s having a birthday party. The video helps build cognitive abilities and encourages cooperation to achieve goals.

Gregory Animals:

Your child joins Gregory for a sensational safari adventure! The story features colorful scenes of jungle animals and underwater creatures and promotes the value of friendship.

Precious Moments:

Your child stars as an angel out to save the day in this personalized edition of Precious Moments. The story inspires charity and good will to all people.

Don’t wait! Create the most memorable birthday party for your little ones, reward them for their hard work in school or simply just make them feel special with this truly unique gift!

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