How do I introduce music to my child?

How do I introduce music to my child?

Helping children to learn and understand the world of melodies can be beneficial in many ways. Read more to find out why music is important and how it can help in the growth of your child

When listening to beautiful melodies, we all have a tendency to tap our feet or get out of our seats to move to the groove. Music has been an essential part of our history and culture for as many centuries as we can trace back. And it’s only natural to want to pass on this form of art to the next generations. So, how can you go about introducing music to your kids?

Benefits of music

Much research has shown that introducing music to children can aid in a child’s early brain development, concentration and memorization skills, along with heightening emotional perception from a very young age.  Music lifts a child’s spirit enough to enlarge their soul, and bring out the emotions that they were unable to express by other mediums.

Detecting your child's interest in music

It's not easy for a parent to determine whether their child has an interest in music or not, which can lead to a lot of frustration. Children should be provided with ample opportunities to experiment with music and instruments at a very young age, so that they can begin understanding simple rhythm or forms of music. This requires a lot of patience and support from the parents’ or teacher’s side.

Finding the ideal music coach

Introducing music to children properly usually requires hiring a trained professional. Parents rely on coaches or teachers, since music is such a refined art. Finding a coach can take some time though, because parents want to find the perfect match, so that a child can feel comfortable at the pace that they are progressing at. However, many parents don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the ideal music coach for their child. It's recommended to look for these three characteristics in an instructor:

1. Be qualified. The teacher must be qualified and experienced enough to take your child under their wing.
2. Inspire your child. The teacher must have the ability to inspire your child enough to want to commit to this art, and practice it for hours to perfect this skill.
3. Have chemistry. Just like peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s important for a teacher and student to gel well together. It helps to create an environment that is not limited to any kind of creative confinements

Giving up music

Sometimes, even though a child has been introduced to music, having the same musical routine might make them lose interest in music. Parents can try to experiment and introduce different instruments. As a parent, make sure that the child doesn’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of practice work being given. If your child even needs a break, allow it and make sure to keep them in the loop with music.

Introducing music to your child can be the single most fulfilling feeling one can have. It's important to keep these tips in mind, when introducing music to your children. Who knows, maybe the next Mozart is sitting in your playroom now!

Tell us about your experiences in introducing music to children!

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Sobia Lodhi

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