Toddler 'Breaks' Dad's Penis: What Do You Know About Penile Soft Tissue Injury?

Toddler 'Breaks' Dad's Penis: What Do You Know About Penile Soft Tissue Injury?

He had taken Viagra the previous night, but his erection had not subsided by morning...

Dads, you know you’ve been here: you wake up in the morning with some magnificent “morning wood”. You nudge the wide awake and point suggestively down there. She’s impressed. But just as you’re about to swing into action, a small intruder (or two) bursts into your bedroom, leaps onto your bed and starts using the mattress (and you) as a trampoline. 

Yes, you’ve just been reminded that you are a dad, not a horny teenager, and so just like that, the morning wood is no more. For one unfortunate dad, however, this very scenario ended in a tragic, painful experience involving penile soft tissue injury.

Dads: Please take note, and learn from what you’re about to read. 

penile soft tissue injury

An erection that doesn’t stop is a red flag to see the doctor. | Image Source: Stock Photo

It All Started with a Dose of Viagra…

A 36-year-old Indian dad, who has erectile dysfunction, swallowed 100mg (the normal dose) of Viagra pills one night. But even after sex, his erection did not go away. 

He tried to ease the situation in many ways, including “vigorous masturbation”, but to no avail, as reported by the British Medical Journal.

In the end, he went to sleep, thinking that the erection would resolve on its own. However, when morning came, his child burst into his room for a hug, and “mistakenly fell over his erect penis” causing it to become fractured.

The dad immediately felt a “sudden severe pain” in his groin area. Two days after the excruciating incident, he visited the hospital, telling doctors about his bloated, aching and “deformed” penis.

After examining the man’s penis, medical professionals at the King George’s Medical University in India found that the man suffered from an “eggplant deformity” in his groin. They concluded that he had suffered a penile fracture.

A Case of Penile Soft Tissue Injury

Penises can become fractured if an erect penis is struck with a lot of might. In other words, we’re talking about penile soft tissue injury. 

This organ consists of three cylindrical tubes. When an erection happens, two of these three tubes becomes loaded with blood. The tissue around these tubes also enlarges at the same time.  

When an erect penis is struck by something with a lot of power, it might bend, causing excess pressure in the tubes – making them burst. The fracture can even occur during sex if the man shoves too vigorously and strikes a woman’s pelvic bone.

Patients who get this injury through sex usually suffer from piercing pain and may hear the sound of something splitting. Symptoms may appear immediately or within the next few hours.

Toddler 'Breaks' Dad's Penis: What Do You Know About Penile Soft Tissue Injury?

Penile fractures and penile soft tissue injury are commonly treated by surgery – otherwise, it could lead to other devastating consequences.

For the 36-year-old Indian dad, doctors found out that one of his penile tubes were ripped – creating a one-centimetre opening – and a huge blood clot. 

Once they knew this, he underwent surgical treatment, where the blood clot was drained and the rip stitched back. Thankfully, the procedure was a success, and the man is back to normal. 

Penile Fracture: What If It Happens to You? 

If you happen to somehow fracture your penis, the first step is to not worry! 

Penis fractures can hurt a lot, but rest assured that it can still be repaired. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Don’t wait! If you think you fractured your penis, go to a doctor immediately! The longer it goes untreated, the worse it will be. That’s because it can cause scarring, which can lead to a curve in your penis, or even erectile dysfunction as a result of the scar tissue.
  2. Know the signs. The most obvious sign would be extreme pain and swelling. You can also hear a popping or cracking sound when it happens. In some cases, if there is blood when you urinate, it could also mean that your urethra has been damaged. Make sure to go to a doctor immediately once you notice these signs.
  3. Doctors can fix it. Penile fractures need to be surgically fixed, but don’t be afraid to go under the knife! You risk complications by not getting it checked. It’s best to go to a doctor within 72 hours.
  4. You can still engage in intercourse after the operation. Lastly, if you undergo an operation to fix the fracture, you should still be able to have sex four to six weeks after the operation. It might sound like a long time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Reference: British Medical Journal

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