How to be more patient with kids in 2018...

How to be more patient with kids in 2018...

Patience is one of the best virtues a parent must have. Get to know more about being patient with kids in this article:

As you bid adieu to 2017, you have an opportunity to take your parenting game a notch higher in the coming year. Being patient with kids is an essential quality for parents, and yet, most of us struggle with it. This new year, surprise your little one with a sea of patience. We'll show you how with these easy and effective ways.

Being patient with kids: No longer a distant dream!

1. Understand your kid’s point of view.

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Looking at a situation from your child’s perspective may not help you agree with him. But it will definitely help you understand him better. So, next time your 6-year-old wants to wear a shirt he chose, let him do it. Instead of rushing through an activity where you are in charge, sit back and let things be. Witness an independent child in the making.

2. Be a good listener.

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First things first! When your child is speaking to you, make sure she has your complete attention. This is not a time to multitask. Whether it’s a simple demand for food, or a request for a story, your child needs you to listen with both of your ears. Listening and paying attention to your child builds a great communication bond between the two of you. It also makes them feel important.

3. Set your priorities right.

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At times parents can get overwhelmed with too many things going on at once. For example, your little one made a mess in the living room and also dropped your favourite plate on kitchen floor, breaking it to pieces. Before you start shouting, screaming or snapping, take a deep breath.

Most likely, you will feel calmer after a short pause. Then handle the situation one step at a time. Afterwards, cleaning the broken plate from the kitchen floor will naturally come to you as a priority. While you do that, you can ask your kid to pick up their toys. Easy enough?

4. Plan ahead.

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While it’s a given that you cannot be prepared for everything, planning as many things as possible can go a long way. Simple things like deciding the breakfast menu the previous night or keeping the outfits for next day ironed can save you from anxiety in the morning.

5. Be kind to yourself.

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Before you can show your little one some patience, learn to be kind and patient with yourself. The world’s not out to get you. Whether it’s throwing a tantrum or acting naughty, your child is just being himself or herself. Treat him with kindness as well.

Being patient with kids is a normal struggle every parent goes through. These simple tips will surely help you sail through 2018 with a lot more patience and perseverance.

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