ParentTown Mid-Year Rewards: Win 2 pairs of tickets to Doughworkz Family Bonding classes worth $110

ParentTown Mid-Year Rewards: Win 2 pairs of tickets to Doughworkz Family Bonding classes worth $110

 Cooking isn’t just for big people; kiddos too can get to flex their culinary muscles and nurture their love for food and cooking with Doughworkz by PastaMania, an engaging, fun-filled programme that will enrich young minds.

Have a fun learning experience with Doughworkz by Pastamania

With work and school keeping busy families apart more than together, nothing is more precious than a spot of family time to catch up and have fun. Take this chance to go on an engaging, fun-filled culinary programme professionally conducted by PastaMania’s trainer.

The best part of it all: mum or dad and junior can share uninterrupted fun and forge a closer relationship in the process – a priceless opportunity in every aspect. While parents give guidance to the kids, the young ones can assist mummy or daddy in the process and enjoy the rewards of true teamwork.


Pasta and pizzas galore!

This unforgettable learning journey allows children aged 4 to 12 to obtain hands-on experience in making their very own pasta or pizza. Along the way, the kids will learn fun facts of pizza and pasta, as well as knowledge on kitchen equipment and their various uses.

Pasta Making Pic1Pasta Making Pic

The excitement begins when the kids are handed over their own chef’s hats and aprons to put on. After that, it’s playtime (!!) – one of the few occasions when it’s appropriate to play with your food!

Participants will exercise their motor skills kneading their own pizza or pasta dough, seasoning the dish, cooking it and the best part: savouring the finished product at the end.

Certified mini chef

At the end of the two-hour session, participants will even be given a certificate with a photograph as a meaningful keepsake. In addition to a fun time, Doughworkz provides children a rare glimpse into the food industry and learn how to cook in a safe, relaxed environment.

With each class accommodating between 20 and 40 participants, Doughworkz not only is a novel and educational avenue for family bonding, but also an ideal venue to hold the birthday parties of the little ones. The parties are filled with all fun activities by Doughworkz’s party host & chef, all the kids will get to enjoy a monstrous celebration with Doughworkz.

Customised programmes are also available at Doughworkz, be it for creativity stimulation or team bonding purpose.

When, Where, How much?

Doughworkz classes are conveniently located at four PastaMania outlets (NEX, SengKang Sports & Recreation Centre, Singapore Management University & Jurong East Swimming Complex) so interested parties can choose the most accessible location for them.

Individual classes are priced at $28 per participant per class, while a child-parent engagement class is $55 for one adult and one child. Birthday parties or other private events are priced at $500 and above.

This June holidays, parents can treat their kids to a package of 2 Doughworkz classes, priced at $45, to nurture their love for cooking. Participants may choose to attend one pizza-making and one pasta-making class.

Special themed classes may be introduced from time to time.

For more information:
86603901 (9am – 6pm, weekday)

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Written by

Mizah Salik

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