Parents on Reddit share the creepiest things that kids said

Parents on Reddit share the creepiest things that kids said

Let's face it, kids say a lot of weird things. Though usually funny or just strange, they can sometimes share really scary things. Here are a few of those.

Not all people believe in ghosts or the supernatural. However, these stories from some parents on Reddit might just change your mind.

Kids can be downright creepy sometimes

One user on Reddit, a social media and discussion website, posted a question asking, "Parents of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing your young child has ever said to you?"

And oh boy, the stories ranged from the funny or weird, to the downright scary stories. Here are some of the best that we've found:


Wow. That's pretty intense!

And here's another one:


Hmm, that kinda escalated pretty quickly. Maybe she's just jealous of her newborn brother? Well we're hoping she wasn't actually serious about that!

This one's pretty scary too:


Ready for more terrifying tales?

This one's quite unexpected.


That one literally sent shivers down my spine. Too creepy!

This one seems like the start of a horror movie.


Crazy right?!

This one is just amazing!


Who needs a pregnancy test when you got a kid right?

Why do some people see ghosts?

According to a research led by Professor Olaf Blanke, they found out that stimulating specific parts of a person's brain can trick people into feeling a "ghostly" apparition.

Other evolutionary psychologists propose that it's a byproduct of how we evolved to "overreact" when faced with new and unexpected things. An example would be when we're walking at night and suddenly hear a sound that we don't usually hear. Our senses immediately heighten in an attempt to identify what's making that sound, and sometimes our senses can trick us into seeing or hearing things that aren't really there.

My kid constantly sees 'ghosts', what can I do?

If your child is constantly seeing 'ghosts' or other supernatural things, it's best to think about it rationally first before jumping to any conclusions. They could be under a lot of stress which can trigger their brains to be more imaginative that's why they're seeing things.

Regardless, it's important to make your child feel safe and do everything that you can so that they don't feel scared. Always reassure them and promise that you'll be there anytime they feel scared. You can also try consulting a psychiatrist to see if your child might have some problems that are causing him/her to see 'ghosts'.


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