Parents, Here's What a Heavy School Backpack Can Do to Your Child

Parents, Here's What a Heavy School Backpack Can Do to Your Child

Zahir Ali's nephew complained of back pain and started walking with a bent back ever since he started carrying his school bag

Parents, this could be the reason why you would want to switch to roller bags. Recently, a Facebook post made by Zahir Ali has gone viral and has since raised concerns about schools bags for kids.

In the Facebook post which was posted 6 months ago, Zahir stated that his nephew underwent major surgery due to a back pain that was caused by his heavy school bag.

His primary school-aged nephew had started walking with a bent back and complained of back pain whenever he had his heavy school bag on. ever since he since carry the heavy school bag.

The post also included pictures that showed just how badly Zahir’s nephew’s backbone had bent.


Image source: Facebook / Zahir Ali

The post received concerned comments from the public and some stated that their child also had to go through surgery because of a similar issue.

Others say that they even they, as adults, find it hard to carry their child’s school bags because they are so heavy.

It is important that parents ensure that their kids only bring books and school supplies that are necessary for the day. Always keep track of the class’s timetable if you are unsure.

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Aisyah Amin

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