Little Boy's Artery Punctured By Sharp Pencil In Backpack

Little Boy's Artery Punctured By Sharp Pencil In Backpack

School supplies can be more dangerous than you expect.

Mums and dads, of school-going kids: there are many times you’ve probably researched backpack safety tips for your little ones and got good information about ergonomic design, posture etc. But have you ever considered that school supplies – such as pencils – can be dangerous too?  One little boy in Florida learned this the hard way when he was nearly killed by a very sharp pencil. 

The freak accident occurred when eight-year-old Kolston Moradi was stabbed by a super-sharp pencil that was sticking out of his backpack in his arm, puncturing his artery. 

In an interview with ABC News after the incident, Kolston explains, “I put it in my backpack and whenever we were going to the dismissal room and whenever I sat down it hit my artery.”

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Thankfully, the teachers in the dismissal room were paying attention and noticed that Moradi was bleeding. They quickly rushed over and applied pressure to the wound while they waited for the paramedics.

As it turns out, their quick actions saved the little boy’s life! The paramedic said that since the pencil had hit an artery, he would have died if they hadn’t stopped the bleeding.

Amazingly, Kolston was back at school the next day!

Backpack Safety Tips

Little Boy's Artery Punctured By Sharp Pencil In Backpack

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Mums, we know how terrifying these kinds of stories are. How can you protect your little one from these kinds of random and unforeseeable accidents??

Here are a few backpack safety tips to keep in mind when you’re sending your little one off to school.

1. A pencil case is a crucial backpack safety tip

As Kolston Moradi learned the hard way, pencils are sharp! If he had put his pencils in a pencil case, it would not have been able to poke through the bag.

Even other school supplies like pens and rulers can cause nasty scratches if they’re just floating around in a backpack. It’s much safer (and easier to find everything) when they’re located in a pencil case!

2. Get a backpack that’s comfortable

Sure, those themed backpacks are super cute but you need to look for one that will be comfortable for your little one to wear to school every day!

The ideal backpack should have padding on the shoulder straps and back. Remind your kids to always wear the bag on both shoulders, so the weight is evenly distributed.

3. Don’t let them overload their backpacks!

Little Boy's Artery Punctured By Sharp Pencil In Backpack

Image source: iStock

A heavy backpack places a lot of stress on your little one’s back and shoulders. As a general rule, your little one’s backpack should not weigh more than 15% of his body weight.

If you notice your little one struggling with their backpack, double-check what they are carrying and make sure everything is essential. 

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