12 Parenting Rules That Are Ok to Break

12 Parenting Rules That Are Ok to Break

As parents, you sometimes make up the rules as you go along. But are there some rules that you vowed to stick to which you may feel tempted to break every now and then? Cut yourself a bit of slack and find out which 12 parenting rules are ok to break!

Remember the time before you even had kids and how you had this picture-perfect idea in your mind about what kind of parent you will be, and how you will raise your children?

All that probably flew out the window and your whole world got turned completely upside down once your little one arrived (in a good way!), and those parenting rules you thought you would never break - well, you've probably managed to break every single one of them.

But don't beat yourself up over it because some rules are just meant to be broken!

1. Fast food is forbidden

fast food, junk food, fries, burger, KFC, McDonalds, Burger King
It's good to give your children a well-balanced diet, but fast food is cheap, easy and sometimes comes with a free toy to keep your kid happy while you catch your breath. Although you shouldn't make it a habit, it's fine for junior to have some fries every now and then.

2. Using mobile devices is not allowed

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We live in a modern world where technology is a big part of our daily lives, so it's difficult to avoid exposing your child to screen time. Experts now say it is fine to do so, but with certain rules of course.

3. No ice cream before dinner

ice cream, dessert, dinner, kids, food, eat

Forget dinner, sometimes you're tempted to just serve it for breakfast and lunch because it's the only thing your kid will eat. Ice cream has milk in it, right? So you're hoping that counts as your child's calcium intake for the day!

4. The fewer toys, the better

toys, fun, play, kids, children

When you're at the toy shop, sometimes you have to really control yourself not to get too overexcited about all the cool products they have on display and secretly do a victory dance when your child agrees to the toy you picked out (supposedly) for him to play with.

5. Matching clothes are lame

mini me, identical, clothes, lame, cute, matching, outfit

Your child is a mini version of either you or your spouse, so to have him or her dressed up in matching outfits makes you squeal with glee more than you'd be willing to admit.

6. Definitely no bed-sharing

bed, sleep, baby, kids, sharing, co-sleep
Your little one has her own beautifully decorated room, yet somehow she always ends up in your bed instead. Cherish these moments when she still wants to snuggle up beside you and enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping.

7. No elaborate birthday parties

birthday, party, celebration, fun, kids, event

You swore to only have small intimate family gatherings for your child's birthday parties, but eventually, Pinterest will make you completely change your mind and you'll end up throwing the biggest bash of the century.

8. Breastfeeding will only be for one year

breastfeed, breast milk, extended breastfeeding, baby, toddler, nursing, child

Once your bub officially turns one, you might find it hard to keep your boobs away forever and you just might continue to do extended breastfeeding well into the toddler years.

9. Diligently stick to your confinement rules

confinement period, bored, tired, new mum, prison, jail

Can you really stand not washing your hair for one month? Or eating weird tasting tonics and broths every day? What about being locked up at home for one or two months? Although some traditional practices can be beneficial, you will soon get a bit impatient for the confinement period to be over already!

10. Strict bedtime policy

bedtime, sleep, kids, routine, schedule, bed, night, nap

You think you have it all figured out - a nice warm bath, followed by a beautifully illustrated storybook you will read in a soft low voice, with the lights dimmed and your tot will be knocked out by 8 pm sharp. Ok, you can stop laughing deliriously now. Bedtime routines are helpful for your child to develop good sleeping habits - it's just that sometimes they seemed to have missed that memo!

11. No swearing in front of the kids

swear, curse, cuss, foul language, expletive, vulgarities

We are not saints, some of us even openly admit to being total potty-mouths. We don't want our little ones to be spewing out foul language at the tender age of two, but sometimes as you're hurriedly cleaning up a diaper explosion and struggling to keep your bub from crawling away before she leaves a brown trail across the carpet, some salty language might just come out of you unexpectedly. It's ok, it happens to the best of us!

12. Stop at one

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You planned that junior was going to be an only child. But as times goes by and he grows up before your eyes, you'll soon long for another little one to fill your family and your hearts with even more joy.

Parenting is pretty challenging and there are so many other things that you should be worried about, so don't worry, breaking a few rules is totally acceptable!

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