Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Really Work?

Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Really Work?

My three year old son will be down with fever or running nose mostly every month, can any mothers please advise if TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) works and if so which is the best TCM for kids?

Mum Needs Help: My three year old son will be down with fever or running nose mostly every month, can any mothers please advise if TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) works and if so which is the best TCM  for kids?


Joeie Tan:
Have u heard of this yu guo at jalan majid (kembangan mrt) they do give massage to kids. Brought my gal there n it's good

Joanne Khoh:
natural honey. 1 teaspoon a day. make sure it's natural, commercialised honey has heaps of sugar. cheers.

Carol Yung:
Hi Joeie, wat kind of massage they provide to the kids? thanks for sharing this useful info....

Dheeraj Khiatani:
I personally do not beleive in Traditional Chinese Medicine. That may be a biased opinion, seeing that i am a 2nd year medical student. Have you had a word with your GP about this? If not i strongly suggest consulting your GP. Also im not entirely sure on the vaccination programme in Singapore, but has your son been getting his immunisations as an when necessary.
Here are some useful websites regarding the immunisation schedule in Singapore:

Saodah Hasbolla:
I suggest build up his body immune first wc will take care of the other health problems too..

Joey Toh 卓雨潼:
my gal is taking nMA and Chloreana. My frenz's daughter was down with flu n even cough for 1 mth, took nMA and Chloreana for 2 days, stop the flu n cough. She's expert whereby she dun bring her kids to see doctor even they're in high fever. She just giving them the products and it works and her kids' immune systems getting stronger. My gal's case is she refused to drink milk or drink very little, more n more skinny. So she took the products, my mum said everyday she will eat more. And she's gaining weight now :)

Francis Teo Kok Wah:
where to get nMA and Chloreana? any particular brand? sorry...newbie here..

Felicia Chua Supermum:
Where can we get nMA and Chloreana?

Shanna Ting:
My girl sees a Chinese sinseh for her cough n phlegm n it improves alot. :)
Now tt it is cleared, I just control what she eats. To improve immunity, my friend suggested giving colostrum as a supplement. It boosts the immunity.

Sioyan Ng:
I let my

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