I don't like my daughter's friends

I don't like my daughter's friends

My child hangs out with a group of friends that are rude and rowdy and and I don't want her to be around kids who are a bad influence to her. What should I do?


I don’t like my daughter’s friends

Mum Needs Help: My daughter is 9 years old and she hangs out with a group of girls from her class who recently came to our house for a party and I found them to be quite rude and rowdy and I don’t want her to be around kids who are a bad influence to her. What should I do?


Roziah Barik:
Educate her… On the correct manners and ettiquete.. That on family we cannot choose , but on friends we can. So choose wisely.

Joanne Khoh:
rude & rowdy isnt necessarily bad influence. pls spend some time to talk, understand & know the “rowdy” crowd. they could be sincere, helpful & trustworthy ppl in need of guidance in the social aspect, that’s all.

Shanny Loh:
agree with joanne, my son also the same few years ago, i try to stop him continue the friendship to his few “good brother”, his so sad. Thn i try to understand their act n thinking, is their world of course is different thn our gerneration. Most important is be yr children best friend forever, to listen to her , guide her, help her n support her all the time, so tht she never go wrong way.

Saodah Hasbolla:
There is a saying goes “You are what your friends are”.. so make good choice for your circle of friends. To these young people there is nothing wrong with their conduct not till someone advises them. For me, I will always relate to my 3 boys about other people’s behaviour we came across be it at the playground or even while watching TV programmes.

Joanne Khoh:
i concur wif roziah and saodah. however, we must first give them a chance to better themselves and as adults, we shd explain and/or guide them first. everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

Dheeraj Khiatani:
Having rude and rowdy friends may be a bad influence on your daughter i agree. However, i feel with the right teachings of mannerisms and culture coupled with the right guidance from her parents, who is to say for certain that your daughter will succumb to this behavior.
Explain to your daughter what is right and what is wrong and what is polite and what is rude – give her the opportunity to make a decision on her choice of friends

Rita William:
maybe you could voice out to her how you feel abt her friends and let her explain why she likes them as friends. Maybe she sees something beyond the rude and rowdy behaviour – something that you’re not seeing since you dont spend as much time with them as she does.

MasLina RameLan:
She’s still young. Advise her while u still can but be gentle. Spend more time with her and build that parent child bond – more like a friend-friend bond at this age. A few more years and she will not start listening to u if u don’t start now… Therefore time and approach is crutial

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Felicia Chin

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