Is slapping your child a good form of discipline?

Is slapping your child a good form of discipline?

How do you discipline your child when he or she is misbehaving? Is it okay for parents to slap their kids?


Is slapping your child a good disciplinary method?

Mum Needs Help: Do you slap your child when he/she gets super naughty? Is this act of punishment too harsh on a child’s mind and pride?

Responses from our parents:

Shanna Ting: Yes of cos. Kids have pride too – and why must you slap your kid! A spank on the hands or legs is a good enough warning.

Alesia Sim:
Would you like it if you get slapped? So why is it any different for your child? You can always spank the child’s bottom or hands but never slap them please. I once slapped my daughter out of anger and frustration and regretted ever since. Nowadays whenever I raised my hands my daughter would think that I was about the slap her and that breaks my heart. So please don’t slap your child.

Hunny Castro:
Yes spanking on his behind is best. just a gentle quick spanking will do. NOT slapping on the face, then explain why.

Mes Mun:
Better don’t slap them, just punish them is more than enough.

ミ ン ジエ ス:
I will spank their palm & tell them them they did something wrong.

Diana Chin:
Never spank,slap or any physical contact with your child when what words you utter also. Keep cool and when both party is calm only talk it over slow and explain and listen to your child side also. That way you will gain the respect from your kid as well as a bonding that is special.

Dhiah Ck Goh:
Don’t spank or hit. Try reasoning… It works.

Cecilia Yee:
I would tell my girl she’s being rude in stern voice and she would know I’m serious. If she pushes it some more, I’d smack her bum.

Leong PinPin:
Hit the leg or hand sometime I use rubberband very useful.

Shana Wen:
I hear that the bum is the best place to spank cos there’s more fats there. Preferably with a cane so your kid will not associate your hands with punishment.

Wanda Li:
Different parents have a diff ways to educate their kids..but don’t u think slap is a little harsh? After all they are just a child.

Lk Fft:
Slap, spank or any other physical punishment can do more harms than good to kids. They may stop immediately and obey but will never understand and learn from their mistakes. It is better to use punishment and time-out. Try reasoning and listen to their side of story too. If you want your child to respect you, then you need to respect your child first.

ミ ン ジエ ス:
Nowadays no point spank on em trying to tell them explain to them hope they will listen.

Thresye Evita Rk:
I never slap my girl, I give her some minutes to be alone by asking her to sit down on her chair. after that, i told her not to be naughty and tell her that I love her, but I don’t like her naughty.

Lyn Hanz:
I agree with the point spanking or slapping..reason out with will always be point being harsh with them..u will feel the pain yourself.

Naz Spice:
Reasoning out works but then slowly your child will learn to reason out back to u… very cute! I hit her on d hands n bum. Slapped her once but very heartbreaking. Don’t ever do that. I find it very demeaning!

Fina Chen:
I guess it’s hurts us more than hurts the child…just put them at the naughty corner meanwhile mommy can cool down her temper.

Fiona Chen:
Heard that if slap too hard on face might leads to deaf.. try get a cane. Must discipline else grow up too late… I’m still learning how to… Wahaha

Khaw Lin:
Before my kids getting naughty, I always warn them 1st, and remind them too before any discipline given. Kids always try to challenge our patience.

Jess Loh:
Warnings first… doesn’t work then will be the bumbum or palm… but mostly scoldings from me. haha…

Bharathy Govindasamy:
No need for any harsh treatment! My eyes & voice did all the work, followed by punishment. Con’t writing “Sorry Mummy for being rude” till i say stop, mostly after 50 lines. Over the years their handwriting improved. Till now my kids remember their punishment which they received 5-7yrs ago:).

Joy Bea Lee:
Me think so. for myself I prefer to spank buttock ( only ) when I’ve cooled from my anger!

Di Bustamante:
Try the love and logic approach. Definitely gets the results you are looking for. Remember, children mimic what you do. If you hit them, they learn to hit…

Dheeraj Khiatani:
How bout trying to take away their possessions when they’re naughty for example, their favorite toy, or don’t allow them to go play ground, or take away their bicycle, then when they behave well you can give them back their thing. This is good because it also rewards them when they are not naughty. Its like a 2 way thin.

Sandra Simon:
I agree with Di… Don’t slap your child. Never. It is very very emotionally negative for the child. Psychologically too. Logic wise may be hard – dependent on age group of the child. May I Know how old? what your chid did? what were you doing too.

Jaslyn Ng:
Just face the wall for an hr or so and ask him to recap why he has done wrong.

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