My 7-year-old bedwetter!

My 7-year-old bedwetter!

My son is 7yrs old and is still wearing pampers at night. I tried many times calling him up to go to the toilet but he is just too tired to get up. What should I do?


Mum Needs Help: Please help! My son is 7 years old and still wearing pampers at night. I tried many times waking him up to go to the toilet but he is just too tired to get up. what should I do to stop him from bedwetting?

Replies from our community on bedwetting:

Rozlina Manab:
train him before he went to bed.

Margaret Tan:
Give less water after 8pm and get him to go toilet before sleep.

Catherine Tan:
I also have the same problem, my boy is 6 this yr.
Should we train them to wake up at night or train them to hold their weewee till morning??

Rozannie Emilia:
let him wet his bed one or two nights. eventually he'll stop due to discomfort. I used the acupunture massage using the Guasa Board (Buffalo horn). It worked instantly.

Nik Azlinda Ahmad: that..i try to this to my daughter....

Rosni Kesuma:
actually how old is a propriate time to quit wearing pampers?

Mes Mun:
my son is 3 now,i train him go to toilet b4 sleep when he is 2.

Zarina Russel DenDhea:
Bring kids along when you want to pass urine. let's the kids know even mum n dad goes to toilet . ; so they must also. i've done that on my son when he's 4yrs old. as a result my gal who was then 2.5yrs follow the suit. Happy trying.

Mahes Mohanavelu:
u can try to play games with them while trying to get them to use the toilet, like blowing bubbles or even singing songs...At the end of the day, need to give them plenty of time..and lots of love ....:-) and encourage them when they do it...:-)

Leong PinPin:
Use a container n get him to wee dun need to bring him to toilet . 2 hrs after he sleep get him to wee n 4 hrs get him to wee again

Patricia Alvisse:
Get a potty in the room for the time being ...

Rachel Lim:
I applied nite toilet training on my Son when he's hardly 3.. Before bedtime bring him to the toilet.. Every 2-3 hrs wake him up for toilet as well.. It'll be very tiring for the parents as well in the beginning.. & the child will probably wet his/her bed before u wake them up.. But do hang on & perservere.. A wk or so u will see results..

Rohane Ahmad:
bring him to the toilet b4 bedtime & 2-3 hrs later wake him up again. Agree with rachel tiring but u'll c results by a wk or 2. Did that to all my kids.

Khaw Lin:
dont drink anything 2hour b4 bedtime.....

Dheeraj Khiatani:
Make sure to reassure your child that bedwetting is normal and then he will eventually grow out of it. Make sure not to punish him or get angry when he does wet the bed. Also prevent family members and friends from teasing him. When he does have dry nights, be sure to tell him he did a good job.

Sun Yen Noel Lee:
My son is 5 yrs old and also still wearing pampers at getting abit worried as well..

Bharathy Govindasamy:
Allowing them to wear diaper in a way in encouraging them to wet it. Train them by ensuring tat they have a gd dinner, less or no drinks 2hrs b4 bed time. Make it compulsory to go to loo b4 going to bed. Once they get used to the habit, you'll see improvement. And of course as mentioned above, praise them during their dry nights.

Jess: my son 7, did this to me too, i made him smell how smelly his bed, and made him change his bedsheet with min help whenever he wet his bed. telling him we will not change his sheet anymore if he does it again.

Ferlin Koh: Hi Jess, I am an educator as well as a parent. Emotionally speaking, it might bring damage to your child. Telling him to go toilet would be a better option. Cut down the amount of liquid given before he goes to rest. Remind him that before he goes to bed that if he needs to pee in the middle of the night,do it at the toilet. This is what I did for my son. He is fully toilet train when he is 3 yrs and had no bed wetting problem.Now he is 4 yrs.

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