Is my baby afraid of the babysitter?

Is my baby afraid of the babysitter?

One of our readers realised that her baby's behaviour has changed dramatically since she started leaving her with the babysitter. Find out what our parents think she should do.

Mum Needs Help: Last week I engaged a babysitter for my 4mth old daughter. Usually, if I'm late for feeding, or when she is tired and unable to sleep, she will cry. However, recently she does not cry, but just makes a little sound, and keeps quiet and endure. She's not as jovial as usual, so I'm worried. Babysitter says she is doing fine and happy, But I'm worried about the sudden change in her. Is this normal?

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Elisa Ng:
I'm a babysitter! Sorry to say that,maybe the nanny had scare her! Hw long u leave her with babysitter already?

Eliyra Ace:
suffering from shocked? Abused? Felt threatened? Hmm.

Ah Molly:
yea i think so...she felt threatened..poor babyNiken Kusuma i think it's not a normal thing,u should go to a doctor. I'm sorry to hear that.

Liz Mora:
Seems like fear been instilled.

Lee Siew Ling:
You better have a surprise check on the babysitter just in case she did something... may be she drug her or give her some sleeping pills therefore... she won't make so much noise

Verooda Leong:
I really think it's something to worry about. I will suggest to change a baby sitter if things worsen before it's too late. Take care.

Tracey Goh:
Take a few days n observe urself

Grace Miranda:
pls. observe your baby and bring her to the Dr if this continue in the ff days, observe her sleeping time too if she sleeps longer than usual, be alarmed. I pray nothing is serious with ur daughter.

Rachel Goh:
Think she may have been sedated with meds. I have heard of some nannies who do that just to keep babies quiet and thus making their lives easy... definitely not normal for a 4 month old to suddenly change in behaviour. Or it could be she has somehow hurt her head... maybe you should send her for a CT scan just to make sure.

Sabrina Peng:
Observe your baby for any other changes. If there are physical signs like vomitting etc, then her change in temperament is due to being sick. If nothing is physically out of sync, then it would be emotional. Comfort her as much as you can by cuddling her close to you. I breastfeed so I would do that and also i would carry baby whereever I go in a sling or babycarrier. Just use whatever comfort measures you have been using. Ask the babysitter specific questions like did she leave baby alone to cry it out? Did she exert some form of punishment when baby cries eg slapping baby on the lips or cheek or shouted at baby? Was baby ignored when she cries? Go with your gut feel abt the babysitter. If you feel that she is not good for your baby, find someone else immediately.

Ayuni Hasmaira:
Maybe she's juz adjusting to da changes .... Give it sometime unless ur baby had bruises, been vomitting or ders any physical evident of injuries..... U can also do several surprise visits on da pretext da ur taking half day off.... n wen collecting ur baby, try to be discreet and listen or lookout for any suspicious behaviour of baby sitter.... Hopefully, dis is juz a phase dat ur baby is going thru... And dat da babysitter is not being abusive or anything....

Ivi Theresiana:
A 4 month-old baby cries when the she's hungry and sleepy. A sudden change like that is not normal.

Earnie Sulaiman:
You can't be too trusting.... sorry but I don't trust no strangers except my mum and my hubby's mum to take care of my girl...

Clara Leonie:
agreed w/ tracey goh & lee siew ling & niken kusuma... : it's not a normal behave!

Sandra Yp Yeong:
An experienced baby sitter who give milk on time, put her sleep on time, will create a happy and quiet baby. Ask yourself did you create such schedule for your baby first?

Aggie Yeap:
I don't think is normal, I would say no matter how good is the nanny the nanny will not be able to change a baby to stop crying when they hungry or sleepy.. When baby cry which mean they want something from mommy, hug or milk or etc.. If they baby sudden change which mean something is wrong.. Remember ur baby only a few months old only how can she change it out of sudden.. Pls bring to see dr at least u know what happen rather then keep on worry about her... Good luck n god bless u n ur baby..

Munawarah Sultana Begum:
Bring her to doctr!! 4 months old dnt change behaviour in such a way!! If u ask the nanny ant question she wnt gv ani answrs tat will b against herself!! My opinion bring to doctr!! Change nanny!! Possible have amine of ur own to juz kp eye on nanny n baby!!

Aishah Sutaman:
Please do what is best in your and your baby's interest. And it's definitely not a 50/50 chance to take. 4 month old baby do cry when hungry.. cos that is how they communicate. Babies don't talk. Always trust your Motherly instinct.

Lily Chin:
My new born bb like to cry frm 8pm since she back frm hp, all e time is take care by myself, I really can't slep everyday frm 8pm til 4 amplus,cos she nonstop crying n want me to carry her for whole night. Finally we found a nanny to take care her n tat time she ONI 2month plus,she stay wif nanny day n night, frm the first day I send her there, her last milk on 12am n can slep well whole night n wake ip at 6.30 am everday,i was so suprise to my bb, maybe I dunno how to take care of my gal, cos is my first bb... Normally I check the balance of milk n monitor how much milk my bb drink, so I can trust my nanny, I ONI will bring bb back on every wed night , n I so happy cos she no more crying n no milk at night, she grow up very well n now she already 4 yrs plus, we stil keep gd contact nanny, she will miss her nanny aso, n she like the nanny family member aso... Jus wan to share my story , anyway important is urself to monitor how u feel the person to look after the bb? Gd or no gd , answer act is in ur hand...

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