There is no joy without pain!

There is no joy without pain!

"Being a first time mummy-to-be and a preggy, there's alot of things I'm unsure about and no idea what to do if emergency comes." Crystal Sow

Throughout the 37 weeks with my baby, other than leg cramps, I didn't have any other symptoms. Which means I'm totally clueless about contraction pain and didn't realise how "powerful" the feeling is.

As usual, every sunday morning I would wash some of the new baby clothings, preparing for the little angel. Halfway through the washing, looking and wondering why I kept on having "leakage". I thought maybe is my angel pressing on my bladder which causing this "leakage", but I was wrong! My waterbag is gonna broke soon, as I saw a stream of blood down my leg.

Immediately I called out my hubby, who was still sleeping soundly on the bed. "DEAR! BABY IS ON HIS WAY HERE!" Guess what, he still in his dreamland and went back to sleep again after I told him. But... less than 10 seconds, he jumped out of the bed and running around the room wondering what to do. As I don't feel any pain in my tummy, I went on for a short bath before preparing myself to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital in the car, hubby was so worried and kept on reminding me to keep track of the contraction. Nothing much happens in the car but once I get off the car, my waterbag gush out lots of fluids like I'm peeing in the public. Thanks to the security guard at the hospital, he immediately pushed a wheelchair for me to sit and telling me to relax, not to worry about the fluids leakage. They escort me to the Labour ward and immediate attention from the staffs there.

Doctor confirmed that my waterbag has broke but no diluation, which I was advised to stay in hospital for labour.
After the confirmation and check up by the doctor, here comes my nightmare of contraction pain. Bearing the pain, unable to move around and lying still in the bed for more than 24hours is really tough. As the back is aching and the contraction pain is depriving my sleep.

On the second day, I was so hoping that this pain could end soon. Kept on asking the nurses and doctor how much longer before my little angel is coming out to this world. I almost fainted when I heard that after so long of bearing the pain, I was only 3cm diluate. Which means I still have 6cm to go before my angel is out and end of my contraction pain. I thought that I could bear the pain till labour without any epidural, but I was wrong. After struggling for one day, my persistance gave up to the syringe.

Not long after the epidural, my little angel is finally on his way here. It didn't cross my mind that i'm gonna giving birth, as the feeling is like wanting to go to the toilet for "big business". The midwives and doctor told me that "Is time, my dear". Then I realised is the Big Time!

I keep on pushing and pushing, crying in pain as the epidural effect has gone off and they cant insert the medication while I'm giving birth. Which means I'm able to feel the whole labour pain! After pushing and squeezing my hubby's hand for more than 1 hour, I told them that I no longer wanna give birth anymore. But with my hubby's encouragement and moral support, I tried again with the "push and breathe".

Hardwork for another half an hour, I heard my angel's crying. He is out healthy and safe! As I was too exhausted and loss quite alot of blood due to the long hour labour, I passed out with a relief smile.

When I was back to my ward, still feeling drowsy and weak. All in my mind was my little angel boy, the moment I'm able to sit up, I told hubby to bring me over to see my baby.

My little angel was not located at the nursery room near my ward, he was send to Nursery ICU for more intensive care. When I saw him for the first time and held him in my arms, all the pain I went thru is worth it! As he is my pain relief!

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