5 ways to get the best online deals - and save on shipping!

5 ways to get the best online deals - and save on shipping!

Want to know how to get the best deals while shopping online AND to save heaps on shipping charges? Read on to find out how...

Most parents now prefer to shop at U.S. online stores such as Target, Amazon and Babies ‘R’ Us. Not only do these online retailers offer amazing deals all-year-round, they also have products and styles that are not usually available in Singapore.


Instead of shopping for yourself, you tend to hunt down great buys for your kids.

However, there are certain “seasons” to look out for if you’re looking to grab the best bargains online for particular items.

Here are some tips to help you through, courtesy of the PacMe team who helps shoppers all around the world with their online shopping and shipping.

1. Wait for the mid-year sale on clothes


Wait for the mid-year summer clearance sale to stock up on new clothes.

The latest styles of summer wear (which are perfect for our sunny Singapore weather) usually hit the stores in March and April. So, if you’re after the latest summer ensemble, it’s best to buy them then.

But, if you want to stock up on summer clothes at a steal, it is best to wait for the mid-year sale around June and July. This is when stores put their summer collection on sale to make way for their fall and winter pieces.

2. Wait for electronics clearance

Have you been eyeing the latest gadgets? You can be one of the first ones to get the latest gadgets and gizmos by shopping online, as new releases usually happen in the U.S. between September to October.

However, if you don’t mind waiting just a little longer, prices of electronics are hugely discounted on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November.

3. Stock up on school supplies after August

August marks the start of a new school term in the U.S., which is also a great time to stock up on school supplies and stationery.

However, if you want to get a really great deal, wait until September when stores start selling school supplies at discounted prices to clear their excess inventory.


Stock up on school supplies after the back-to-school rush in September.

4. Buy swimwear during cooler months

August and September are when the weather starts to get chilly in the U.S. This means that swimwear will be heavily discounted, as retailers are looking to clear as much stock as possible from the summer to make way for winter clothing. So, go ahead and get your favourite pieces at a bargain!

5. Choose previous models of running shoes

Any month is a great time to shop for running shoes from online retailers in the U.S. However, to get the best price, you might want to consider purchasing a previous model which looks and works just fine.

The shipping issue

Despite the ease and convenience of online shopping, shipping has always been a huge problem. Some online retailers do not offer shipping services to Singapore, and those that do usually charge a hefty premium for shipping.


Shopping online might be convenient, but how do you deal with the hefty shipping charges?

So, it was quite a relief when the new “repacking” company, PacMe,started offering consolidating, repacking and shipping services from the U.S. to Singapore.

Find out more about PacMe and how they help you save heaps on shipping on the next page.

What is PacMe?

PacMe prides itself as the expert in consolidating, repacking and international shipping.


Upon signing up with PacMe, you will be provided with a U.S. mailing address that is based in Oregon, a sales tax-free state. PacMe will consolidate your packages or loose items, repack them into one sturdy box and ship it to your address in Singapore.

How is PacMe different from other forwarding companies?

PacMe does things differently than other forwarding companies to make your online shopping experience smooth and stress-free.

Lowers shipping fees through expert repacking


Pacme helped this customer save hundreds of dollars on shipping by properly repacking the items and getting rid of extra boxes – and weight!

PacMe expertly packs all of your items tightly into one single, sturdy box, instead of putting all the boxes and packages into just another box. This helps to greatly reduce dimensional weight and wasted space which translates to lower shipping charges.

Allows you to see your delivered items

PacMe understands that you are anxious about the status of your packages. That is why the repacking team takes photos of everything so you can see your delivered items until you are ready to ship. All this can be done via your PacMe account.

Keeps your items for up to 90 days

You can get the best deals by taking your time when shopping online.  PacMe stores your packages for up 90 days for free at the warehouse until you are ready to ship.

This is an amazing bonus as most forwarding companies offer storage for up to 30 days only.

Gives you access to an easy-to-use online system


When you sign up for a PacMe account, you’ll get access to an easy-to-use online system that lets you track and manage the delivery of your packages.

Once you sign up for an account on PacMe, you will have access to their user-friendly online system that puts you in control of your packages.

Here, you will be able to track when each of your packages have reached the PacMe warehouse, see photos of the packages in the warehouse, and send a request to repack and ship your packages to your address in Singapore.

Gives you more savings the more items you ship 

When you are shipping with PacMe, there is just one thing that you need to remember: you’ll only really save on shipping if you buy and ship in bulk. After all, the first few kg are always the most expensive –  so it is advisable for you to consolidate your packages until they are well over 15kg before making arrangements with PacMe to have them shipped to your home address in Singapore.

The pricing structure of PacMe is fairly straightforward and affordable, which you can see from the following scheme:

  • $3 for each incoming package. This covers the cost of scanning the invoice, taking a few photos of the items, and storing it on your designated shelf in the warehouse for 90 days. Fees are capped at $21 for  up to seven packages. If you have more than seven packages, fees for the eighth package onwards will be waived.
  • $20 flat fee for consolidation and preparation of the outgoing box. However, if you have fewer than 3 packages, this will be reduced to $10.
  • You pay for the international shipping fee based on the weight and size of your outgoing package.

Check out this video to see how PacMe works:

Ready to start shopping with PacMe?


Start shopping online with PacMe now!

Register for a free account now at PacMe. Make sure to key in the code “PARENT” to qualify for a FREE account.

TIP: PacMe’s sign-up form is best taken on desktop!

For more details on PacMe, feel free to contact their friendly team by sending an email to [email protected].


Have you heard of PacMe or tried out their services before? Tell us about your online shopping experience by leaving a comment below!

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