Remedies That May Worsen Colic in Babies

Remedies That May Worsen Colic in Babies

Recent studies debunk common and traditional methods and also highlight risks of herbal concoctions and remedies that claim to calm irritable infants.

Unknown to new parents is that irritable babies and incessant crying of babies  – more than three hours a day, three days a week for more than three weeks in an otherwise well-fed, healthy baby between the age of two weeks and four months, is a sign of Infantile Colic (“colic”). Possible causes of colic include allergies, lactose intolerance, an immature digestive system and differences in the way a baby is fed or comforted. It is the painful spasms experienced by babies when their intestines try to expel bubbles that are trapped in the digestive system.

Remedies That May Worsen Colic in Babies

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According to the Singapore Health Promotion Board, it is estimated that up to one quarter of all Singaporean infants have colic. Although the condition goes away on its own when the baby is between 8 and 14 weeks old, infants suffering from colic can be a cause of stress and anxiety at home. In a survey conducted by Xepa-Soul Pattinson, 87% of parents with colicky babies cited ‘exhaustion’ as a result.

Commonly used are home remedies and pacifiers to calm babies. However, recent researches have shown that such common and widely-used practices can potentially worsen colic and pose higher risks to baby.

Herbal Remedies

One in 10 infants get herbal concoctions/remedies that may pose risks, according to recent news published by Bloomberg in an interview with Dr Sara Fein, a consumer science specialist at the FDA’s (US Food and Drug Administration) Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Such common practice, that is to feed babies with herbal or home remedies, can potentially be harmful because of unknown drug interactions or contaminants in the products.

Dr Fein said: “Parents of infants and young children should understand that dietary supplements have not been evaluated by FDA to treat, cure or prevent any disease and that using them as such may not be appropriate.”


Remedies That May Worsen Colic in Babies

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Traditionally, parents offer pacifiers in an effort to cease their babies from crying. Little known to parents, pacifiers only act as a form distraction to the baby from pain and that they may even result in worsened colic.

Published in Pediatrics, studies have shown that pacifiers are associated significantly with higher risks such as fever, vomiting and colic.

Other factors that may worsen colic

  1. Overfeeding in an attempt to appease the crying baby
  2. Certain types of food that contain: high sugar content like  juices
  3. Drinking too fast, try to slow down feeding

The safe and effective solution

Remedies That May Worsen Colic in Babies

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To reduce abdominal discomfort and pain by releasing entrapped gas, expelling air bubbles in the intestines, and relaxing the intestinal muscles, pharmaceutical grade Colimix syrup is recommended.

Colimix syrup is an effective remedy that reduces symptoms of Infantile Colic.The tasty fruity mix of orange and banana flavour makes Colimix syrup easy to consume for young children. Generally, Colimix drops are given for children below 6 months and syrup for children above 6 months, depending on the doctor’s or pharmacist’s instructions.

Colimix syrup breaks up the bubbles and relaxes the intestinal muscles, thus easing the pain and helping the baby burp. Colimix syrup is available at Guardian, Unity Healthcare and Watsons Pharmacy outlets.

Just remember that colic is a temporary thing. Be patient.

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