Make memories come alive with online photo printing

Make memories come alive with online photo printing

Mums, don’t let your photographs languish in your digital archives! Use Crafted Prints to order online photo printing of quality photographs directly from your Instagram or Facebook account or devices. Go on, make your memory real.

online photo printing in Singapore

Now matter how many pictures we have on our phones, it is the ones that dot our homes, that bring us the greatest joy! (Photo sourced from: Crafted Prints)

I have thousands of photographs of my daughter. Literally thousands.

If I met you at work, parties or a dinner and you asked to see a picture of my daughter, I would proudly whip out my phone and begin the slideshow – My daughter when she was a day old, when her first tooth came out, her first trip to the park, her on top of the jungle gym, she and my husband cuddled up in front of the TV on a relaxed Sunday…and many many more, if you were still interested of course!

The irony is – if you came home, I would be doing the exact same thing. Showing you my family pictures on my phone, that is.

Until two weeks ago I had just one framed photograph of my daughter at home. Just one, and that too, because it had been gifted to us by a friend.

But not any more! About a month and half ago I discovered Crafted Prints – an online print boutique that helped me translate my idea of what I wanted my printed pictures to look like and that too at an affordable price! So today, finally a part of my digital collection has been translated into gorgeous prints and fridge magnets which can be found all over my house.

online photo printing in Singapore

I was over the moon when the prints from Crafted Prints arrived all wrapped up old-school style.

So what took me so long to get this done?

The problem of plenty

I don’t think I had been lazy until now, but I simply did not know where to begin!

The idea of scrolling through all the images on my phone and various apps, then downloading them – seemed daunting in itself. Then I had to decide how to print them – take them to a professional printer, print at home, or order online – again far too many decisions.

The professional prints always seemed to cost too much and trying to print at home required setting myself up with a whole new range of equipment. I tried ordering online, but always seemed to end up with prints that seemed just not quite how I wanted them to be.

I was all but ready to give up on the whole idea of printing photographs, when I came across Crafted Prints. And I am glad that I did.

online photo printing in Singapore

With Crafted Prints’ Squares, I was finally able to begin documenting the travel diaries of my little bub!

Creating tangible memories with Crafted Prints

What I loved about Crafted Prints was that it was not a mass photo printing outfit, but seemed to be a company with a soul – one that got what pictures mean to families. I found out that it was actually started by a group of product designers who “wanted to put the passion back into photo printing”. And this passion is evident in the choices that they offer.


I went on to the website and was impressed with the product range. However since I was not quite sure of what type of prints I wanted, I opted for what seemed like the safest option: the Squares. I scrolled through my Facebook albums and selected a few pictures and ordered them to be printed in the special ‘Squares’ offered by Crafted Prints.

Imagine my delight when they arrived – and I found that none of the magic of those photos had been lost in ‘translation’. And I could finally begin documenting the travel diaries of my little bub! I lovingly call  it– ‘Our world exploration – one place at a time’.

Hopefully, with frequent help from Crafted Prints I will be able to curate and document my daughter’s travel adventures over the coming years and create something for her to look back on and enjoy!

The Square prints are thick photo-lab quality and come in Crafted Print’s exclusive matte/glossy lamination treatment, which gives them a premium finish and added protection. You can opt from 3 awesome sizes of 5.08cm, 7.62cm and 10.16cm respectively.

Crafted Prints offers so many different options to record our memories. 

online photo printing in singapore

A friend was able to document her recent trip to Cambodia using the digital prints from Crafted Prints.

Like me, many friends complain that not one of their several hundred travel pictures ever get seen outside of their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Pleased with my own prints, I recommended Crafted Prints to one friend after she had just come back from a family holiday to Cambodia.

She chose to order the Digitals and was overjoyed when the amazing looking prints arrived within days. Printed on thick paper, she said they were just “delicious to hold” and instantly brought back happy memories.

For the first time in many years, she says, she finally has family holiday pictures to flick through.

You can order the Digitals straight from your smartphones or digital cameras and they are printed with a 4×3 ratio which is the same ratio that most current digital cameras and smartphones use. The prints are framed by elegant white borders, and come in 4R sizing (4″ x 6″), making them easy to store in existing 4R photo albums. You can choose from 2 premium finishes: Matte or Glossy.

online photo printing in Singapore

Magnets are the new favourite way of displaying family pictures.


The same friend was so pleased with her digital prints that she went ahead and ordered the magnets as well, another offering by Crafted Prints. She selected pictures of her family laughing, dancing, singing and uploaded them on her order form directly from her iphotos. The ones from Crafted Prints were unlike the flimsy PVC ones we normally see, they were thick and shiny and made a beautiful “wall of emotions” on her fridge!

The magnets also comes with photographic print quality and look absolutely gorgeous. Stuck on the fridge they are a constant and beautiful reminder of  what family really means. It helps her count her blessings every day, she says.

online photo printing in Singapore

Seeing your family’s beautiful pictures everyday is a source of great joy!

The magnets have photo print quality, with reflective finishing with metal backing and each one measures 2.5″ x 2.5″ (63.5mm x 63.5mm) and is approximately 0.18″ (4.5mm) thick. Just remember that the image will wrap slightly over the edges and that the magnets will be printed based on how you crop your photos.

So finally after years of collecting pictures on our phones, Facebook and Instagram accounts, I and my friends have photographs that we can hold, see and use to create memories that we can share together as a family.

Mums, don’t you let your digital memories fade away. Get printing. Now!

Check out Crafted Prints here.

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