The One Characteristic That Makes Your Child Successful in Life

The One Characteristic That Makes Your Child Successful in Life

This one characteristic makes your child successful later on in life!

All parents want their kids to be successful. And almost everything parents do, they do in order to make sure their child grows up well and would be able to achieve their goals in life.

However, success is something that’s not easy to achieve. But, there is one thing you can teach your child that would boost their chances of being successful later on in life.

How can you ensure your child’s success?

In her TED Talk, Angela Lee Duckworth, a psychologist, shared that when she left her job as a consultant and became a math teacher, she found that there were some intelligent students who found it difficult to do well in her class.

She noticed that education only measures a person’s IQ, but not the amount of hard work that they put in.

“I was firmly convinced that every one of my students could learn the material if they worked hard and long enough,” she added.

And that’s how she stumbled upon the one thing that makes a person successful. Grit.

What is grit?

The One Characteristic That Makes Your Child Successful in Life

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Duckworth shares, “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future for years.”

Being successful doesn’t simply mean being smart or having the right connections. Those things won’t matter if your child doesn’t have the persistence to follow through and if they don’t put in the hard work that’s needed for them to succeed.

That’s why if parents would teach their child one important lesson for success, it would be to teach them grit. A person with grit doesn’t simply give up when faced with failure. Instead, they learn from their mistakes and use those things to improve themselves.

How do you teach grit?

Grit is a tricky thing to teach your child since there’s a lot of factors involved. However, here are some things that parents can do to help their child:

  • Give them a goal to look forward to.
  • Challenge your children to improve themselves.
  • Teach them that failures are a learning experience and not something to avoid or be sad about.
  • Teach them to persevere.
  • Let them be flexible and adapt to problems.
  • Teach them passion.
  • Don’t always rescue your child, let them make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

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Alwyn Batara

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