10 old-fashioned baby names that need to make a comeback

10 old-fashioned baby names that need to make a comeback

These names aren't just beautiful and meaningful...they're also totally available!

Nowadays, it seems as though parents work harder and harder to give their children unique and beautiful, one-of-a-kind first names. As a result kids are ending up with some pretty unusual names. If you don't believe me, ask Pilot Inspektor Lee or  Rocket Rodriguez. The intentions of these parents are good, but is the effort they're exerting really needed? What happened to the more traditional names?

There are generations worth of beautiful names that have seemingly fallen out of relevance. Many of them have been unused for quite some time. I'm here to tell you that they aren't only available...they're beautiful and have rich history and meaning.

PureWow.com brought to light some of these amazing "antiquated" names, and we're gladly sharing them with you in order to inspire expecting parents.

Take a look at some of these outdated names and their meanings and see why we think they're in desperate need of a comeback:

1. Pearl

Meaning: a reference to pearls of the sea

This name has been neglected for quite sometime, though, it was a fairly common name as far back as the 19th century. It's a perfect name for parents who are enthusiasts of the sea. The name itself alleged imparts health and wealth.


2. Conrad

Meaning: "Brave Counsel"

This strong and masculine sounding name dates back all the way to 10th century Germanic tribes. The name Conrad has been used by saints, royalty, and intellectuals. In other words, is a great name for your son.


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3. Florence

Meaning: "To Flower"

Deriving from the Latin word, "Florens" which means "blossoming", this seldom used girls' name is the perfect name for a daughter. Name your daughter something beautiful that encourages her to prosper and flourish.


4. George

Meaning: "Tiller of the soil" or "farmer"

While those definitions sound humble, the name George is often associated with royalty. It's origin dates back to the ancient Greek word "Georgios" which also means "farmer". The name has a rich history as it's been used by saints and martyrs, royalty and world leaders, and even The Beatles' George Harrison.

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5. Rosemary

Meaning: "Dew of the sea"

It's meaning is also a reference to the plant of the same name. The history of this name goes back to the 19th century and has a truly elegant sound to it. Often overlooked by today's parents, the name is a beautiful fit for your baby girl.


6. Harold

Meaning: "Power" or "Ruler"

It goes without saying that a name with that type of meaning is an impactful one. Harold is a name that is associated with royalty and kings throughout history. It can also mean "army ruler", so if you want a strong name for a boy that isn't often heard, Harold is a marvelous choice.


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7. Dorothy

Meaning: "Gift of God"

You may immediately think of The Wizard of Oz, which is why it's probably not commonly used anymore. The name has rich history that predates Dorothy from Kansas, though. It's been around since the sixteenth century!


8. Arthur

Meaning: "Noble", "Courageous", or "Strong as a bear"

The reason for the multitude of manly definitions for this masculine name is because of the many different countries that have used it since the Middle-Ages. The name, obviously, will have you thinking of King Arthur. That's a pretty good association if you ask me! This name is the perfect name for a son whom you want to be noble, and a brave, strong leader.

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9. Alice

Meaning: "Nobility"

This beautiful female name has many origins. The most common modern day countries associated with the origin of this elegant name: France, Portugal, England, and Italy. The first thing that may come to mind when hearing this name is Lewis Carroll's protagonist in Alice in Wonderland, but the name long predates the classic tale. History indicates this name traces back to 12th century France.


10. Oswald

Meaning: "God's power"

This name traces back to the saint who introduced Christianity to northeast England in the 7th century. That's quite a unique and profound history, that is undoubtedly long lasting! Oswald is a name that you don;t frequently hear nowadays despite it's long standing history, and powerful religious ties.


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