Spill Proof Philips AVENT’s Lip-Activated Natural Cup

Spill Proof Philips AVENT’s Lip-Activated Natural Cup

Mopping up mess can be a large part of parenting, particularly when it comes to feeding tiny tots. Most parents would agree that weaning a toddler from bottle to cup is no easy feat – with the attachment to bottles, the resistance to switch often results in flying cups and messy spills! To help parents through this period of transition, Philips has introduced the revolutionary Philips AVENT Lip-Activated Natural Cup.

Spill Proof Philips AVENT’s Lip-Activated Natural Cup

Unique to Philips, the spill proof valve allows toddlers to drink from all around the rim, just like an adult cup, with contents of the cup exiting only when pressure is applied upon lip contact. This nifty innovation enables spoutless and strawless drinking in a mess-free manner – so no more cleaning up spills!

The cups have trainer handles to help toddlers hold with a firmer grip, helping them get used to ease the transition from cup. What’s more, the fast flow valve allows effortless drinking that is ideal for toddlers from twelve months and above.

To attract the attention of curious and highly-active toddlers, the Philips AVENT Lip-Activated Natural Cups come in green and red, featuring the Truman™ bunny motifs – the adorable character fronting the toddler mealtime range. Whether at home or on-the-go, the Philips AVENT Lip-Activated Natural Cup shields against harmful germs and chemicals with its protective hygiene lid and BPA free material.

Say goodbye to mopping up the mess after temper tantrums and hello to the revolutionary Philips AVENT Lip-Activated Natural Cup as your toddler grows up from bottle to cup drinking!

The Philips AVENT Lip-Activated Natural Cups are available at leading department stores in Singapore. The recommended retail price for each Philips AVENT Lip-Activated Natural Cup is SGD$18.00.


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Felicia Chin

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