Odd issues that married couples fight about

Odd issues that married couples fight about

Is it seemingly insignificant issues that usually you and your partner insane? You’re not alone. Read about the funny things that other couples squabble over.

Arguments can really put a strain on any relationship. A married couple may profess endless love for each other, but at the end of the day, there’s still a string of attributes that may grind on each other’s very last nerve.

Here's what some of our readers have to say when asked about the weird things they might end up fighting about in their households.

Chew Siew Fong:

Not listening when I’m talking to him!

BJU Mummy:

I can close my eyes to many things but one big thing I can't agree and can't stand—he uses his iPhone as a babysitter and allows our boy to play Facebook games without any conditions attached.

Rizona Notario Nunez:

Usually petty things, like when he feels that I am overly dominating. When I ask simple things like, "Can you please get me that?" or "Can you do this for me?" or "Clean the toilet," etc, it's just my way of being sweet or as one calls it in Filipino, "Lambing".

Another thing is when I call him in the office. Not to check on him, but only to hear his voice. Then, he seems to be a different person. Lastly, there's a saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure. Things I like to keep because I think they are useful, to him are all rubbish.

But what is number one is money matters. I know everyone agrees! There are opposites in couples for sure, one is a big spender and the other is not.

Caroline Loh:

Quarreling over who is more important to me, my parents or him.

Brian Chong:

Using the iPhone without spending time with the kids. In-law issues and attitude problems. Too stingy over stuff concerning money.

Luciana Gunawan:

The way he handle our kids, impatience and always forgetting the roads. Whoaaa!!!


Amused yet? Read on for more!

Carrie Too:

Forgetting to switch off appliances around the house, yet complaining when the bills come in. That’s war! Driving styles too! And why does he always need to OT at work? Hahaha!

Mary Thian:

The way he communicates with our child. He is hot-tempered. Spending too much time on the computer or iPhone. And a lot more…this post will not be able to contain the contents. (Nah, just kidding!)

Pearly Kara:

About what to eat every day. No one wants to decide anymore! So we push the decision-making to each other and fight when we disagree. Tissue papers in his pants in the laundry and surely a World War will ensue in our house!

Yee Ying T:

Feng Shui. I try to apply some basic principles which are reasonable to me, but he thinks they are nonsense. So we get into a huge fight over furniture placement.

CJ Koh-Ng:

Who washes which toilet, how clothes should be hung and folded, who is the last one to wash the cups and water bottles. And lastly, mopping the floor!

Doris Dan:

His attitudes towards his parents, and I end up being sandwiched between them. And him burping, especially after eating chicken rice, chilli and durian!

Priscilla Seet:

Him farting loudly and with a really horrible stench!

Teck Wee Ng:

Nothing is really odd after years and decades of marriage. Everything, something will always be an issue. The key is always compromise—a live and let live attitude.

Irene Wong:

Which toilet to do the BIG BOMBING in!!!

Josephine Tay:

Which channel to watch or who's turn to walk the dog (Although, by default, I'm always the one walking the dog.)

Liz Mora:

Hahaha! Where do I even begin?

Vanessa Ann:

Locking and unlocking the car door on my side without waiting for him to lock or unlock it with the central locking mechanism.


Tell us the odd things that spark fights between you and your spouse in the comments below!

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Felicia Chin

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