Octoburst! – A Children’s Festival at Esplanade

Octoburst! – A Children’s Festival at Esplanade

Embark on an adventure with stories from all corners of the imagination! Lots of fun going on this Octoburst!

Here's what's in store for the whole family! Check out esplanade.com/octoburst for more details.

Little Red Riding Hood 670x447

Little Red Riding Hood

By La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi (Italy)

Written & Directed by Bruno Cappagli, Fabio Galanti and Carlotta Zini

Performed by Bruno Cappagli and Carlotta Zini


My, my, what a big imagination you have!

Retrace Little Red Riding Hood’s path in the woods with two little ones as they play a game of ‘what-if’ and pretend! They run and chase each other, taking on different roles but both eager to take on the role of Mr Wolf …or is that...Miss Wolf?

Join the duo as they turn the pages in a light-hearted story filled with new discoveries at every turn. Enter the belly of the wolf and experience the tale of Little Red Riding Hood like never before.

7 Oct 2016, Fri          4pm

8 Oct 2016, Sat        11am

9 Oct 2016, Sun       1pm

(55 minutes, no intermission)

Esplanade Recital Studio


For ages 3 and up only

*PIP’s Club Special: Purchase 4 tickets to Little Red Riding Hood and/or The Secret Life of Suitcases to enjoy 10% savings.


The Secret Life of Suitcases 670x447

The Secret Life of Suitcases 

By Lewis Hetherington & Ailie Cohen (UK)

An Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker / Unicorn Production

Written by Lewis Hetherington & Ailie Cohen

Directed by Lewis Hetherington


Larry works in an office and he likes it very much. He likes sorting and tidying and generally putting things in order – everything in its place, a place for everything.

But one day, a suitcase suddenly appears at his door…A suitcase with a tiny label and a tiny label with Larry’s name on it. And this suitcase has a mission.

Join Larry in The Secret Life of Suitcases as his world gets turned upside down by a fantastical flying suitcase, taking him further than he ever thought possible. Follow Larry’s journey as he discovers the thrill of adventure and the joy of coming home again.

7 Oct 2016, Fri         2pm &  5pm

8 Oct 2016, Sat        11am &  2pm

9 Oct 2016, Sun       11am &  2pm

(45 minutes, no intermission)

Esplanade Theatre Studio


Recommended for ages 4 and up

*PIP’s Club Special: Purchase 4 tickets to The Secret Life of Suitcases and/or Little Red Riding Hood to enjoy 10% savings.


Nutcracker 670x447

Dance Appreciation Series: Introduction to The Nutcracker

Presented by Singapore Dance Theatre, in Collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


As a lead up to Singapore Dance Theatre’s 2016 season finale performance of The Nutcracker, we have condensed this classic ballet into an hour-long special for young audiences!

The Nutcracker brings audiences along on a journey of adventure and courage and introduces familiar and well-loved characters like Clara, the Snow Queen, the Sugar Plum fairy and her Cavalier.

Join us and learn more about the magical world of dance and ballet! There will also be a meet-and greet-session with the cast after the performance. Come dressed in your favourite costumes!

8 Oct 2016, Sat 1pm & 4pm

(1 hour, no intermission)

Esplanade Concert Hall


For ages 2 and up only


Parent child Workshops 670 x 447

Parent-child Workshops

Create marvellous art and meaningful memories with your kids in an array of parent-child workshops!

  1. Animate-a-Story!

Bring your animation ideas to life in a fun and interactive artist-led workshop.

7 Oct 2016, Fri, 2.30pm (2 hours 30 minutes)

  1. Dip & Dye

Scrunch, twist and dip and learn how to create vibrant patterns on a cotton tote bag.

8 Oct 2016, Sat, 10am &  2.30pm (2 hours)

  1. Sculpt-a-Story

Cut, fold, and put together paper sculptures inspired by well-loved stories and fables.

9 Oct 2016, Sun, 11am & 3.30pm (2 hours)


Drawing Competition 670 x 447

Drawing Competition and Colouring Fun


Fill the colouring sheet provided with bright and beautiful colours.
Bring your artwork home with you and put it up for all to see.

Colouring Fun is for children between 2 – 4 years old.


Would you like to have your artistic expressions displayed on the walls of Esplanade?
Join our Drawing Competition and stand a chance to win very attractive prizes!

The Drawing Competition is open to children aged 5–12 years old.

7 Oct, Fri, 8.30am to 11.30am

Esplanade Concourse

Pre-registration required at www.esplanade.com/octoburst

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