Nurul Aini's emails to her kids are so cute we can't get over them!

Nurul Aini's emails to her kids are so cute we can't get over them!

Singapore celebrity mum Nurul Aini, recently revealed a little secret on social media. She emails her kids!

Mums and dads, have you ever written letters to your children? Or emailed them? Why would you? Well, once you check out celeb mum Nurul Aini’s emails to her kids, we bet you would want to do it too.

Nurul Aini emails her kids

Actress, TV presenter and mummy of 2, Nurul Aini, recently revealed a little secret on social media. She emails her kids.

She writes, “Since 2015, I have been writing emails to both Shan and Shaista.”

Her son Shan Ehan is 7, and her daughter Shaista Eman is just 5. We bet you are wondering, what exactly does she email them?

Here it is in Nurul’s words, “Their milestones, moments I want to remember, when they receive an award or certificate, when they graduated from preschool, when they made a card for the husband or me, when I miss them while I was away, when I was down or just my random thoughts.”

She makes sure to attach those special photos, videos and “cute little voice notes” as well!

Check out these super sweet and funny emails. The sneak peek alone is making us go “Awww!”

Nurul Aini


Sample this: “Dear Shan, today you wrote in Chinese characters.” “Today we went for our first run ever with the whole family.”

Or this: “This is when you forced me to say that your drawing is nice. It’s really not nice. Haha.”

And guess what, the kids don’t know about mummy’s secret habit yet!

“I am planning to give them the password when they turn 18. Cant imagine their reaction when they read these emails at that age”, says Nurul Aini.

Nurul Aini


To say they’d be surprised would be an understatement. We think these cute little memories of their childhood, and re-visiting all those moments of innocence would fill up their hearts with love and gratitude.

And we totally want to copy her idea now. 🙂

As Nurul Aini says, “This is not something new to me, but maybe it can be for other parents out there. I wish I had started when they were babies!”

“Imagine all those cute first moments! Maybe can do it for baby no 3? HAHA. Ok kidding!”

Benefits of writing letters (or emails) to your kids

Did you know that writing letters or emails to your children offers multiple benefits? 

  • Digital time capsule

All those childhood memories are fast getting forgotten and replaced. In fact, a study suggests that kids start to forget their childhood memories between the ages of 7 and 8 years old, in a phenomenon called childhood amnesia.

These letters then, provide a vault of childhood memories. 

And it’s for us parents too. We think we are not going to forget these memories, but we eventually do. There’s an old Chinese proverb that goes, “The palest ink is better than the best memory.”

These letters are a window to that period in your child’s life when every little first mattered. 

  • Emotional insurance policy

What’s that you ask? Well, you can’t always be around…so in the event that you are physically absent from your child’s life, these letters offer some much-needed support and solace to your child. 

It has your lessons, values, morals and everything you wished to say. Something your children can read over and over again, throughout their lives. It has your legacy of love.

  • A chance for you to reflect and confess

As parents, we are not perfect. Every day is a trial. And writing a letter allows us to reflect on ourselves. Sometimes it is far easier to express our emotions in writing than to convey them verbally.

When you write a letter or email to your child

-Try to focus on the positive, happy aspects of your life.

– Focus on these 7 emotions:

  1. Love: Let your children know how much you love them.
  2. Notice: Let them know what positive changes you have noticed in them over time.
  3. Enjoy: Share what you enjoy doing together.
  4. Proud: Be sure to let them know how proud you are of them. This will encourage them and offer support when they re-read the letter later on in life.
  5. Cherish: Share specific memories that you cherish.
  6. Hope: Share your hopes and dreams for your child in a loving, positive manner.
  7. Believe: Express your confidence in your child. 

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