Not a hoax: Yishun mum approached at home by strange man asking for babies

Not a hoax: Yishun mum approached at home by strange man asking for babies

Recently terror has spread throughout Yishun with regards to a strange man knocking on the window of a homeowner, asking if she had any children at home. We spoke to the mum to find out more.

There have been a couple of reported cases in Singapore of a man knocking on people’s doors. The disturbing Yishun man asks about kids – if there are any present in the house. There have also been naysayers claiming that the entire incident was made up.

We wanted to find out what really happened, so we got in contact with Farah Ridhwan who recounted her shocking story to us. She confirmed that the incident did indeed happen and it was not a hoax, as some Internet users have been speculating.

How did it happen?


Screenshot from Farah Ridhwan's Facebook - she explains the encounter and advises mums to be more alert

Farah told us that it was about 1pm in the afternoon last Wednesday (3 Nov) at her flat in Yishun, she had just returned from the hawker centre with her 2 young kids in tow. It had only been about three to five minutes after she had entered the house when she noticed someone at her window.

This is what Farah told us when we asked her to recount her story:

“He saw me from the window, my window was open. I could see his eyes from the window as he was looking inside the house. You would usually knock the on the door instead of staring in from the window."

Already alarmed by the man’s strange behaviour, she told us that the man proceeded to ask in a very rough tone, “this house have a baby or not”. The man fled once she asked him why he wanted to know.

According to Farah, she has since made a police report with the Yishun Neighbourhood Police Station. Farah tells us that, “[The police] are still investigating the matter and are currently checking the CCTV cameras in the area.”

Her Investigating Officer suspects that the man must have followed her back from the hawker centre. Living on a lower floor, he could easily have used the stairs – thus, going unnoticed.

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What did he look like?

“He is definitely a local man. Judging from the way he spoke I could tell he is Singaporean.” This is what Farah told us when asked for a description of the man so that other homeowners can be more aware and keep a lookout.

She also told us that the suspect looked to be between 20 to 30 years of age, roughly 1.70m tall. He was wearing a black hat with what looked like a star logo and was smoking a cigarette.

Unfortunately, she was unable to get a clear look at his face as it was partially hidden by her window grills. She is currently waiting on more information from her Investigating Officer.

We will be in touch with Farah Ridhwan and will be updating this page once we get any more information on the case.

Internet users react...

Some Internet users choose to ebb on the side of caution as to the credibility of these stories:

"Hope it is not rumours eh, spreading rumours to cause fear Mata Mata surely won't close one eye one hor [sic]" - Stomp Reader, LonelyHeart

"Haiyah different pattern of people came to knock our doors e.g makcik sell keropok etc, kids sell ice cream for donations, ex con sells novelty items, malay uncle sells Islam calender but as long they never harrass or pester should be fine if not call mata [sic]" - Stomp Reader, wolfie_78

Source: Stomp

While others are sharing the story, hoping to create awareness amongst the Singaporean community:

yishun man asks about kids

Screenshot from Farah Ridhwan's Facebook - comments from fellow users asking to share her post

A similar case in Singapore...

As reported by The Independent, another case documented on Facebook by a woman living in Woodlands said, a man had reportedly knocked hard on the door and initially asked if he could have a glass of water. Sensing something was amiss, the homeowner quickly told him it was late, that her husband was not well, and that he could find a 7-11 nearby.

She heard him then asked if she had any children at home before she hurriedly closed the door.

The victim said the suspect began to shout nasty things. Fearing he was still lingering outside, she quickly made a police report.

We urge homeowners and parents, not only in Yishun and Woodlands, but islandwide, to be aware of their surroundings. Keep doors locked and pay extra attention to your children.

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What can you do?

Not a hoax: Yishun mum approached at home by strange man asking for babies

With more than one incident of a man approaching houses and asking if you have children at home, one can't help but be alarmed. What can you do to help keep your family safe?

  • Lock your doors and windows at all times. Keeping your doors and windows locked at all times. Ensure that there is no entry point for strangers. Keep your curtains or blinds drawn so that no one can peer into your private space.
  • Teach your children about stranger danger. Speak to your children about the dangers of speaking to people they do not know. Remind them not to follow or trust anyone you have not personally told them about – even if they appear friendly.
  • Ensure your child knows how to reach you at all times.  Have your child memorise the mobile numbers of you and your partner. Alternatively, have it written down somewhere - a card you keep in their bags or wallets with emergency contacts. This way even if they are not able to remember it, it will be on hand at all times.
  • Be alert at all times. It is important that both you and your kids are alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Simply paying more attention to your surroundings can make a huge difference. Be wary of suspicious characters who may be following you back to your home. If you do notice something or someone out of the ordinary, divert from your normal route home and try to get to or call the police.

Keep these simple tips in mind, it could be what keeps your family safe from harm! Remember, talking to your children about these issues is of extreme importance. It means that even when you are not with them, they will pay extra attention to what is happening around them.

Sources: Farah Ridhwan , The Independent, Stomp

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