Nosebleeds in Kids

Nosebleeds in Kids

Does your child get nosebleeds? Check out some of the views, reasons and tips from other parents.



Dad Needs Help: My 25month old just have nosebleed. lasted for a while. Any cause for concern? nose bleed when sleeping. But she says nose not pain. any ideas?


Grace Miranda: it happened sometimes bec of too much heat of the weather, my niece is always like that but she outgrew it.

Saira Banu: go c a dr, its not just a nose bleed as u thought. May b internal injuries ….

Siti Mulianah Jumari: What dr told me is if blood is bright red, not to panic. But if dark red, pls do take it seriously. Get advise from your GP. 😉

Ben Lim: Children vein around the nose are still very thin. That y bleed easily. My kids dig their nose when sleep and they don’t even know and then nose bleed. The doc give a cream to apply on the nose. But if too often is better to see doc for piece of mind.

Donnie Tian Shek Lee: It seems pretty common. My older girl gets it once in a while still. She is 6 years now. In any case, just check with the doctor. You can read up more here

Rohane Ahmad: my son had nose bleeding every now and then and stop when he is in P6. it seemed pretty normal but do check with your doc first. another relative also had the same experienced with her son. it seems they outgrow it somehow.

Lim Terence: Agree with Ben. I keep my kids’ finger nails short for that reason because it happened before. But still, best check with a doc if unsure.

JoAnn Wong: Agreed wt Ben too, thats what the doc told us abt my boy, he is 5 yrs and now n then his nose still bleeds , due to digging his nose and also from rubbing his nose. So the next time check thier fingers or hand for blood stains.
Even adult tends to rub thier nose with their hand when d nose itches but becoz the lining of children nose is thinner, the blood vessels get bruised easily hence nose bleed.
Some times it could also be lack of water intake or being “heaty”.
Some one once recomended us to try blending young lotus root juice for my boy but we never got around to try.
If anyone do try pls share. Tq.

Doc Dana E Srither: Mostly from nose picking. Even my son had that problem once.

William Chang: Very common, didn’t kill me… Normal unless bleeder has known anti-clotting issues.

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