Normal parent anxiety – or Parentanoia?

Normal parent anxiety – or Parentanoia?

As parents, we all worry about our kids more or less. But are you over-anxious? Do you perhaps have 'parentanoia'? Find out here!

Let’s journey through 8 parenting problems that are labelled PPT (Paranoid Parent Trait) that may reveal a side of you that you may have not been able to acknowledge…till now.

PPT 8. Food and Nutrition War General

All food is monitored and carefully studied for traces of artificial or chemical additives. In the end, only food prepared at home and under strict, sterile conditions will do for your child. Going to a party? Food is packed into approved containers and is eaten when everyone else sits down to eat party food.

parent anxiety

All food is carefully prepared and checked by you. And no party food, of course!

PPT 7. Over-concerned

Very similar to PPT 8, but this goes into the realm of theories and possibilities, and deals with your idea of what your child’s state of mind should be like – emotional, logical or risk-taking (Gasp!). You decide and implement things now that will help control future spouses, lives and careers, and always plan for all the what-ifs, so every possible problem and error can be planned for.

PPT 6. Way-too-precautionary

Every time there is an event, you go out and survey the landscape, the people involved and perhaps even the traffic flow, so you can prepare for all eventualities should your child stray into danger’s path.

PPT 5. Stranger Paranoia

Anyone who your child comes into contact with must be known to you. You research their backgrounds to ensure they are safe to be within a maximum of 10 feet of your child. Strangers? Forget it! They should not and cannot be within a hundred feet of your child!

parent anxiety

I know where you are and what you’re doing!

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PPT 4. 24/7 Monitoring

You install spy software and tracking systems in all your kids’ mobile gadgets. You have each child’s stats displayed on individual screens that you live in front of when they are away. You will respond within seconds should any child decide to take a different route or go near dangerous parts of town, which are everywhere.

PPT 3. Over-protective

You assume every circumstance, fate, luck, human being, animal and invisible entity is out to get your kid. So you do everything necessary to ensure they will never be in situations that could harm them. The best way is to keep them at home, and when they do go out, you conduct surveillance 24/7 (see PPT 4 above).

PPT 2. Over-controlling

You absolutely do not trust that your kids are able to make right decisions and choices for themselves. Even if they do, it is a cruel world and you know better. You control every decision they need to make in their lives, and interfere with the outcomes if necessary, which is always.

parent anxiety

Is your child tearing her hair out over your over-controlling ways?

PPT 1. Over-bearing & Authoritative

You are the leader of the home team, and no choice or decision must be contradictory to yours. It is your way or no way.

Do any of the PPTs listed here resonate with you? You might laugh it off, but there are PPTs lurking in every parent, and they should. It is whether you let it get the better of you to the extent that you start ruining your child’s life and preventing him or her from growing up and taking responsibility for his or her own actions.

Respect their choices, and let them make  mistakes and learn from them. That is the best we as parents can do, even though bad things happen sometimes.

This article is written by Theva Nithy. 


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