No, Your Expensive Branded Diaper Bag Doesn't Make You A Better Mother

No, Your Expensive Branded Diaper Bag Doesn't Make You A Better Mother

Branded diaper bags may look cool and stylish, and most of your friends who are parents probably have one (or two) -- but would it be so wrong if you preferred to save those hundreds of dollars for a family holiday instead? Does it really reflect who you are as a parent and your ability to raise your child well?

When my daughter was born, I was perfectly happy using the standard diaper bag gifted to me by the hospital and didn’t think too much about it at first.

Once my two-months confinement period was officially over and our family outings were not restricted to visits to the doctor for check-ups, I started to feel the need to get a new diaper bag that was more my style and matched my outfits.

I’ve never been the sort to use designer handbags in the first place, so it never even crossed my mind to look for a branded diaper bag.

All I knew was that I just needed a big bag that could carry all of the stuff for my bub when we’re out of the house, and preferably one with lots of compartments or pockets to keep everything in place.

No, Your Expensive Branded Diaper Bag Doesn't Make You A Better Mother

Are you willing to fork out hundreds of dollars for a branded diaper bag? | Image source: iStock

I rummaged through my own bag collection and dug out all the ones that were large enough to hold my little one’s diapers, wet wipes, blanket, a spare change of clothes, and my wallet and handphone.

I had no problem switching between my skull-print Converse backpack I normally used for weekend getaways, a plain black Skechers sports bag I got for free when I signed up for a Passion card at the community centre, an Adidas shopper tote bag that was on 70% discount, and a bargain deal leopard print bag I snagged during a closing down sale.

None of these bags cost more than $80 and they all lasted for quite a long time (in fact, I still use the leopard bag to this very day).

Of course, I’ve seen some beautiful branded diaper bags by Kate Spade, the ever so popular Ju-Ju-Be with their cutesy patterns, and the stylish selection from Skip Hop, and have contemplated purchasing one.

I’m sure they are well-made, have insulated lining, built-in diaper mats that you can easily roll out, plenty of compartments and probably ergonomically designed straps as well — but I just couldn’t bring myself to cough up hundreds of dollars to get a branded diaper bag.

No, Your Expensive Branded Diaper Bag Doesn't Make You A Better Mother

There are lots of things to buy for your baby, but an expensive branded diaper bag shouldn’t be at the top of your list. | Image source: iStock

Spend within your means

But I noticed that some other mothers would feel pressured to fit in with their social circle of mummy friends by having to be decked in designer wear and use only branded baby products.

Nevermind that they were spending beyond their means and falling behind when paying their bills, or even borrowing money from others after coming up with some fake sob story — they just wanted to be with the supposed “in” crowd.

Although I sort of understand the appeal of owning a gorgeous bag with the recognisable brand name splashed at the front for all to ooh and aah, I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary nor would it benefit your child in any way.

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on an oversized (and sometimes overpriced) bag to lug around junior’s poopy pants, wouldn’t it be better to save that up for a fun-filled family holiday? Or into your child’s bank account for his education?

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Those who are busy judging other parents should just concentrate on taking care of their own kids. | Image source: File photo

If you can comfortably afford to buy a branded diaper bag and genuinely want one because it suits your needs and style, then by all means knock yourself out.

Just don’t be swayed by what other perfectly manicured mums say and take no notice to their side-glances and sneers when they spot your “brandless” diaper bag.

No matter what you do, wear, buy, or how you choose to raise your child, there’s always going to be someone who will have something to say about it and judge you.

You should just concentrate on singing lullabies, playing pat-a-cake, steaming pumpkin, breastfeeding at all hours of the night, and taking good care of your little one to care what others think about the price tag of your diaper bag.

Your baby doesn’t care how much your things cost, and neither should you.


Do you have a branded diaper bag or prefer to use a regular bag to carry all of your baby’s stuff? Share your pictures of what you use as a diaper bag that doesn’t break the bank!

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