Nightmare trimester, happy labour!!

Nightmare trimester, happy labour!!

Siti Ainiyah shares her labour story with

My name is Siti. Looking back into my labour, it is actually a funny one. It was so drama and fast.

I had a bad 1st trimester. - not able to eat nor drink. I will start vomitting anything that I eat or drink within seconds that it reaches my stomach.

It was hell!! I was always covered with vomit; I am all sweaty and of course, I was grouchy!! It lasted for the whole 3 months, I was not even able to bring myself out of the house for fresh air, how sick is that??!!

With all these testy & grouchy 3 months, I think GOD finally thought that I was tortured enough!! I had the easiest and fastest labour in my family history!!

I was suppose to give birth on 15 May 2000, but my baby just couldn't wait for that date. She decided to greet us on 30 April 2000. I was 23 years old then. I was driven to the hospital, walked myself up to the labour ward accompanied by my hubby and the concierge, as i hate sitting on the wheelchair (it gives me a creepy feeling).

After I changed into the hospital clothes, I heard that my Gynae was running, yes, literally, my Gynae was running to me. He was actually out for his evening jog when I admitted myself to the labour ward. When he came, he greeted me in his jogging attire, how hilarious can it be?!! So many things were running in my head!! I don't even know if my Gynae will be ready to deliver my baby!!

The labour ward was chaotic, it was my 1st baby. While midwife was helping me with breathing technics, breathing in gas to ease my pain, out of the corner of my eyes, I can see that my Gynae was trying to get ready for me and my baby's arrival as fast as he can!!

Within seconds, one midwive was checking on my dilations and she said out loud, "Baby's crowning!!" and I can hear all the carts being pushed near me. My gynae was moving fast to be in front of me and my husband was trying to help the midwives and me (it was eve of Labor Day, so not many midwives were on shift!!).

The moment my Gynae took his seat in front of me, the baby popped out!! In a gush!!

Baby's out - Gynae was helping me, while the midwive updated me: "Madam Siti, you did a good job!! 2 hours of labour only, no epidural, no pain killer only depend on the gas!!"

4 years later, when I admitted myself again to the labour ward, I heard the midwives reminding each other, "She's the small mummy with 2 hrs labour 4 years back, please keep a close look on her". True enough, 2nd time, my labour was 2.5 hours, and this time, my gynae wasn't even able to be there!! Hahaha..but all was alright..

To date, I have 3 girls, my labour time with them: 2 hours, 2.5 hours and 30 mins. But of course, 1st trimester was hell for all 3 pregnancy!! :)

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