Ngee Ann Poly Camp lap dance: A mum of 2 weighs in

Ngee Ann Poly Camp lap dance: A mum of 2 weighs in

What are we teaching our children?

Since the video was uploaded last week, everyone has been talking about the Ngee Ann Poly lap dance that happened during their recent school camp.

Dave, who first alerted citizen journalism site Stomp of the video, said that it was originally uploaded as an Instagram Story.

The short video shows a female student dressed in a red T-shirt walking up to a male student sitting in a chair. Then she began gyrating her hips and proceeded to give him a lap dance in front of other students during the school camp at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. 

This drove the spectators wild as they cheered the girl on, while others started taking videos with their phones. 

Another student dressed in black is also seen cheering the girl on while she did her lap dance.

Ngee Ann Poly Camp lap dance: A mum of 2 weighs in

Ngee Ann Poly Lap Dance Was Highly Inappropriate

A Ngee Ann Polytechnic representative released a statement saying that: "The incident happened during a CCA Club camp. The activity as seen in the video was not part of the approved programme." 

As it turns out, it was an impromptu activity initiated by a few students. However, the school stressed that student camp organisers were given strict guidelines and briefed beforehand. This was to ensure activities were respectful and appropriate.

The school will be counselling the students involved.

This is not the first time sexualised activities in schools have been reported.

Sexualised Behaviour in Children Is Increasing

As a mother of two girls, I am really concerned.

It is completely normal for children to be curious about nudity, differences in genitals, and show interest in procreation.

But there are also worrying situations when children start to show excessive sexual behaviour, or worse, think that what they are doing is the norm. And then this carries through to their older years, where, like this girl, they see nothing wrong in performing a lap dance in public, in a highly inappropriate setting.

Where do they pick up all these things?

Unsupervised access to the internet is one of the contributing factors and computer games today are exposing more and more children to things they are not ready to understand.

Take for example the six-year-old girl that was invited to a sex room while playing Roblox. Our children are living in the age where they are exposed to “sexting,’’ “selfies’’ and the effects of social media. What are they watching? What are they exchanging? Sadly, many parents don't even know. 

But that's not all, our children also live in a world where women are often objectified and sexualised in TV shows, music videos, you name it.

How then can mums bring up girls with strong characters and self-worth? Sexualised behaviour shouldn't be the new "normal," and videos like the Ngee Ann Poly lap dance shouldn't be happening in schools.

As parents, we really need to start making conscious efforts to monitor what our children are doing. It is our duty to guide and nurture to help them discern right from wrong.

Video of the Ngee Ann Poly Lap Dance

(Video has been blurred to protect the identities of the students.)


Sources: Stomp, Stop, The Australian

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Rosanna Chio

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