How to make a baby nest: a video guide

How to make a baby nest: a video guide

Remember to always speak to your paediatrician before trying out anything new for your baby.

The first few weeks of being new parents are always the hardest. Diaper duties, feeding duties, nighttime duties, you name it. After the new baby euphoria has passed, all of a sudden reality kicks in. Your little bundle of joy turns into this tiny crying, hungry, pooping machine every other hour. And you end up exhausted: All you want to do is sleep.

This is exactly how first time mummy Ms. Le Thi Anh was feeling. And so, a nurse in the hospital she delivered at shared one of her newborn sleeping tricks. So mummy decided to video it and share it with other mummies. 

Since the video has been uploaded, it has amassed over three million views and been shared more than 81,800 times!

Viral Video of a Baby Nest Made Out of Towels

In the video that went viral, Ms. Le Thi Anh videoed the nurse who was showing her how to make a sleep pillow or a baby nest to help her baby to sleep for longer.

The method only requires a clean and rolled up towel. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Baby Nest/Sleeping Pillow*

Perhaps the reason why this "nest" works so well is because it mimics the warmth and security of mummy's womb. And maybe that is why newborns feel secure in it and therefore sleep for longer. 

Step 1

newborn sleeping tricks

Get a clean and large fluffy towel roughly 120 cm x 60 cm. A soft towel is a plus because a newborn's skin is extremely sensitive. You don't want to be using a coarse towel on their soft skin. Roll it up like a long sausage.

Step 2

newborn sleeping tricks

Baby is turned to his side and the rolled up towel is slipped between his legs like in the pictures above. The back end of the towel is aligned around baby's head almost to his head.

Step 3

newborn sleeping tricks

Next, the front end of the towel is brought up. Then, the baby's head is carefully lifted, after which the end of the towel is gently tucked under his neck. The same steps are repeated with with the back end of the towel. 

Ensure that no loose ends of the towel are flapping about the baby's head.

Step 3

newborn sleeping tricks

Once baby is in the "nest", a gentle pat on the bum or back should help him settle down and sleep. 

Below is the full video for reference.

*Do remember safe sleep guidelines for babies that advise you to always place baby flat on his back to sleep, on a firm mattress, with no bedding. Also remember not to attempt this if your baby can already roll over. This is to reduce the risk of suffocation. Yes, this baby nest tip has been shared by a nurse. But when it comes to your own baby, always speak with your paediatrician first for advice. 


Source: Ánh Tít

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