Newborn baby left to die in human excrement rescued

Newborn baby left to die in human excrement rescued

A newborn baby was found alive in a pile of human filth located inside a makeshift lavatory.

In an astonishing video footage, a newborn baby – believed to be just minutes old – was found squirming around in a pit of human faeces at the bottom of a toilet.

It was concluded that the baby had been left to die in the waste, as doctors believe the mother must have squatted over the toilet and proceeded to cut her own umbilical cord.

Travellers who had stopped for a loo break at the public service station next to a motorway could hear faint cries coming from the lavatory.  They heard the infant crying and made a grim discovery the moment they leant over the hole to see what was in it.

Rescuers had to break through the inches-thick concrete which was covered in blood, wading through excrement and rubbish to reach the infant.

Medics say the baby is recovering from its ordeal and is in "good and stable condition" after it was found on Jan 2. Police are now searching for the child's mother, who they say may also be in need medical attention, after leaving her child to die.


To-be-mums who are suffering from apprehension and pregnancy doubts should seek help from these places:


1. HELP Family Service Centre

Block 570, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
#01-3317 Singapore (560570)
Tel: 64575188 (9am to 6pm)
2. Ministry of Health Singapore

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Written by

Paige Li

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