Baby's skull injured by softball: Why parents always need to be on guard

Baby's skull injured by softball: Why parents always need to be on guard

The freak accident, which left the seven-week-old newborn with skull fractures, happened while the baby's dad was playing a softball game.

Try as we might to make sure we do everything right when it comes to newborn baby head care, we can only do so much as parents. Even when we’re enjoying a fun day out with family, freak accidents can happen. 

One of the most recent incidents happened in Iowa. Yahoo News reports that a softball hit  the front of a newborn baby’s head, causing severe skull injuries. The seven-week old suffered brain bleeding and seizures as a result of the accident. 

The newborn’s dad was playing with his softball team, while the little one was in the arms of her mum behind a safety fence.

Though this occurrence is unfortunate, the parents blame no one for what happened. They referred to it on their Facebook page as a “horrible happenstance.”

“We blame NO ONE. We appreciate the majority for their outpouring of prayers and positivity…”

As of this writing, the newborn has been sedated at a Minnesota hospital.

“We blame NO ONE. We appreciate the majority for their outpouring of prayers and positivity,” reads a Facebook post on the page, Healing for Mckenna.

“At this point the goal is to stop the seizures. They are not sure of the ‘why’ and won’t be able to determine that until they can get them under control,” reads another Facebook post.

Along with medication to control the seizures, doctors have put a feeding and breathing tube on the newborn. They are constantly monitoring her progress.

To help support their rising medical bills, the baby’s parents Lee and Kassy Hovenga have set up a fundraising page.

Our thoughts go out to the Hovenga family for their little one’s speedy recovery. 

Newborn Baby Head Care: Safety for Parents

Even a minor bump on the head can be a frightening sight for parents. Aside from childproofing your home to avoid bumps and scrapes, make sure to keep your newborn away from potential injuries.

It might not be a good idea to bring a newborn to a sports event or crowded places. Even if the parents mentioned above made sure their baby was behind a safety fence, the accident still happened.

newborn baby head care

When it comes to newborn baby head care, mums and dads should know that the top of their skull remains soft for up to 18 months to two years of age. | Image source: Shutterstock

What Should You Do in Case of a Head Injury?

You should call a doctor if your newborn or older child suffers a head injury and they:

  • Are under the age of two
  • Seem to have neck pain
  • Were injured by a high-speed object
  • Cry uncontrollably
  • Suffered a large wound
  • Are not crying but have fluid coming out of the ear and nose
  • Have blurring of vision
  • Have a headache
  • Suffer from memory loss
  • Fell from a height of more than three feet

During the first months of life, the skull is still very sensitive. Until they reach 18 months to two years, the skulls anterior fontanelle (or soft spot) is very sensitive. This part of the skull protects the sensitive parts of a child’s still-developing brain.

Because of this, even the slightest bumps or injuries should be disclosed to your child’s paediatrician to make sure your child suffers no lasting injuries.

*featured and lead images, screenshots from Facebook video.


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